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September 10, 2017: Women who Run with Horses

There is a book entitled Women who Run with Wolves. It came out in the 1990s, and all the Feminist graduate students were reading it. I am now just getting to reading it. The introduction is so-so, it is really piecemeal. And I don’t like it when writers toot their horns really loudly. It hurts my ears. But perhaps the book itself will be better than the intro.

I have a lot of ideas of things I’d like to write about. That’s my problem. I’m an ideas person more than anything else. But I am thinking about writing a book entitled Women who Run with Horses. I first need to finish the above-mentioned book and see if I make any comparisons.

My book is going to begin with my purchasing running shoes, which I did today. I went to a local store – buying local is good – and the clerk was extremely helpful. In fact, he was so helpful that I knew that I made the right decision in going to this place. We talked about trends – right now the trend is for less sole support – this way the proprioceptors in the feet enable the runner to better feel the ground and to back off if they begin to feel pain.

This fellow also listened when I told him what I hope to do – run on trails with my horses. I’m not sure that he grasped fully the enormity of what I was getting at – but that’s okay. I’m not sure that I have grasped it either. I am thinking that I want to run with my horses rather than ride them. Problem is, I am not yet in good enough shape to do this, so they would languish away while I attempted to get up to speed.

But I am going to give this a try. Tonight, very late, I had Hrimmi out – went around the loop while Pete walked Tinni. I did run with her although I was wearing my hiking boots. Clunk, clunk, clunk. So, now thinking out loud – what I can do is (perhaps) go riding and wear my hiking boots and then change into my running shoes and run on portions of the trail.

Most importantly, I need to start very slowly. And I won’t be able to get serious about this until the end of hunting season. Right now the hunters are out in force – on Sunday’s ride we saw one skinned out moose and also moose parts hanging between two tarps on a tree.

I like the idea of being in good shape and running with the horses. Last year I took Tyra and Hrimmi out on the trails, but I ran minimally. They enjoyed this – and there is no reason why can’t do this again this year.

It would be fun to do a ride and tie ride – one person runs and another rides a horse. Your time is based on whoever crosses the finish line last. Pipe dreams – I’m having more of them now that marijuana is legal in this state.

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