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August 27, 2017: Eulogy for Freebird

Freebird was a chicken with a wonderful name that fit her wonderful personality. She came to us from Sun Circle Farm, a number of years ago. Word had it that she was more free range than her owners liked – for example, she hung out in the farm garden and pooped everywhere. I don’t know what kind of bird she was – I called her a black chicken.

I almost turned her down when my friends offered Freebird to me because I feared that she would not like (no pun intended) being cooped up most of the time. Our chickens live in a small pen and have a roost area where they can go to get out of the cold. Freebird would get out when I was working in the upper quadrant – some, but not as much as before.

But I took her on – and she quickly adapted to her new life – lots of attention and some companionship. She most enjoyed being out in the yard and rolling around in the dirt. When I approached to put her back in her pen she’d shake off and send the dust flying.

Freebird stopped laying mid-career. Her buddy Sophie/Couch Potato also did not lay eggs. So there was about a year in which Pete called the coop area “Alys’s Home for Retired/Non laying chickens.” The way I looked at it, after layers do their job, they desire to be watched after.

Freebird took up company with Red Hen/Chickaroo and Sophie/Couch Potato. When they passed, she spent time alone. Her new buddies, who are still here, are Freebird II/Flag and Dove/Rumba. I do not think that Freebird took to what I called the gang of two for their wild ways were not to her liking.

About a month ago Freebird was attacked by something – I do not know if it was the other chickens or the dogs. She sustained a puncture wound at her shoulder joint. She puffed up and stayed that way. I was surprised that she lived as long as she did. She was one tough bird.

Freebird was preceded by Stubby, Chicken Cacciatore, Henny Penny Palin, Nimby, Snooki, Henrietta, Red Hen, and previously mentioned Sophie, Rumba, and Flag. Internment will be on the hill, where her former friends now reside.

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