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August 23, 2017: Stormy Goes to the State Fair

The above title could be that of a children’s book. It would be about Stormy, one of two demonstration milk goats at the Alaska State Fair. She could talk about the animals she meets – these include a llama, two Jersey cows, one of whom has a recently born calf, and the two Angus Holstein calf crosses. Furthermore, she could converse about how all the Fairgoers admire her.

The Alpine Goat’s story would be in the nonfiction section. Tonight Pete (husband) and I took her to Alaska State Fair Agricultural barn. There she will remain for another two weeks.

It was a smooth transition. Check in time was from 4:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. We took her in later, which turned out to be a wise idea because we didn’t have to deal with a long line. Prior to leaving home, I milked her and then bathed her in warm water. Pete made a ramp and I loaded her into the back of the Toyota Tundra.

Stormy’s buddy Ranger was left behind. He indicated that he was put out by putting his legs up on the stall door and letting out a mournful baah. I told him she’d be home soon.

The veterinarian examined her for lice and for??

The agricultural complex is close to the recycling sorting area, so I can look in at Stormy her before my 4 p.m. shift and then milk her, water her, and clean her pen at the conclusion of my 9 p.m. shift. The Alaska State Fair is providing straw and hay. I’m supplementing this with Stormy’s regular feed.

Pete and I finished our barn chores, then cruised around and looked at the other livestock. This included pigs, who were napping, sheep who were rubbing their pajama outfits against their pens, and goats who were chewing their cud. Collectively, they were a noisy lot – I figured that that they’d calm down after the 10 p.m. lights out curfew. They’d then converse about the weather, the food, and their perceptions about where they live.

Stormy will from this point on in time be milked three times a day, once by me and twice by Chelsea, who will be doing the demonstration milking and answering fairgoers questions. It has been suggested that I show Stormy in the open goat show, which is this weekend. I’m undecided about this – I’ve never before shown a goat. And I don’t want to besmirch the reputation of her breeders, Suzi and Mike Crosby, the owners of Cottonwood Creek Farm. They raise Alpine goats and sell milk shares. I don’t want anyone to think that their goats are less than the best.

On the other hand, it will bode well for all Cottonwood Creek’s offspring if Stormy does well and wins a ribbon. It will also bode well for Stormy’s future offspring. Goats must have babies in order to keep producing milk. We have a small place and therefore won’t be able to keep her babies come spring. My thinking is that our doing well in the show might attract future offspring owners. And this would be good for Stormy, who would include her account in her book.

I have an employee pass and a parking permit, so I can come and go as I please.

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