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August 2, 2017: Resuming the semi-monastic lifestyle

I use writing to problem solve. This may be my saving grace. Dunno. In this instance, it’s going to be helpful. I am feeling overwhelmed. I have a lot I need to tend to and I have not been able to prioritize. And I sense that things are going to get worse before they get better because Pete will be leaving shortly for Chitina. He’s going dipnetting for salmon. The sonar report indicates that the fish are running, so he going to go and catch them. And when he comes back, we may have to spend some time processing fish.

All hands on deck. Problem is, there are just four hands here. Some might say we ought to have children or grandchildren, but a good work ethic is not genetic. And

you can’t program a child’s desire to work. It is unpredictable.

I need to resume living the semi-monastic lifestyle and get back to writing and publishing. This means getting my entire life back together. I first need to figure out what projects I need to work on, then work on them. I also need to clear my computer files (as in garbage in but no garbage out). And I need to go through and sort out the files in my filing cabinet.

I am currently taking an on-line nutrition class, a dumb idea, doing this in the summer. I have to get back to it. I was doing well with it until we launched into competitive trail ride planning and organizing.

My Bones for Life work/practice has ground to a screeching halt that could be heard for miles around. I am finding it hard to get the work done because my esteemed teacher has not gotten back to me about scheduling the next phase of my training.

Livestock stuff: The goat. I have to do some research on goat nutrition. Pete went and got her from where we were boarding her last night, which is Cottonwood Creek Farm. Pete said that Suzi said that she needs to put on some weight. Maybe I can make butter out of her milk and feed it back to her. Would be sort of like the chickens eating their own eggs.

So off I go to the store, to purchase alfalfa hay and alfalfa hay pellets. She was given a copper infusion, so a copper supplement might also give her a boost. And I am going to begin milking her three times a day (yikes), so as to up her milk production.

All is important because she is going to be the demo milking goat at the state fair. And I am going to show her in a class – getting her name out there will consequently better enable me to find good homes for her offspring. Pete said that if she has a buck we can name him Hurricane Carter and call him Carter for short.

As for the horses – the July agility results are up. Both Raudi and Hrimmi had scores in the 90s. This means that they got As. Raudi is now in 19th place in the overall standings – My goal was to have at least one horse be in the top 20 before the year’s end. This means that Raudi’s name is on the front page of the league leaderboard. I consider this to be a major accomplishment. Could we make the top ten? I think that this would be a real stretch.

Add to all this, there is gardening to be done. The weeds are thriving. I must schedule time to also do this.

Focus, I must regain focus. The question that is going to remain unanswered is, how?

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