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July 26, 2017: Down but not out at Squalor Holler

As I write this, I am feeling more than a bit on the depressed side. We are heading to Fairbanks and we are doing the competitive trail ride. I just wish that we had found a house-sitter so that all the critters could stay here. There is a general sense of malaise here tonight – and some angst.

We took the grrrrrrrrrl ponies to the Lemay’s place late this afternoon. And we led Hrimmi and Tyra into a very large round pen. They were eating and also taking in the surroundings. Fortunately, they are horses that are used to being spectators. And there is plenty going on there – the Lemay’s have sheep and chickens and a lama and horses and dogs

– all within sight. But they won’t have us. And they know this. Tyra cast a worried look at the trailer as Pete parked it down road a bit. Hrimmi just kept on eating.

We returned to our place with the trailer and Raudi let out a shrill whinny. It was quite evident that she was wondering where the grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrl ponies were. She and Tinni both chowed down when I gave them their evening hay, but I could tell that she’s a little on edge. I do not know how this is going to bode for this weekend. I hope that being with Tinni will keep her settled.

And tonight we took Stormy back to Cottonwood Creek Farm, where she is going to spend the next few days. Mike, one of her former owners, put her in with the other milking does. There was some head butting and some carrying on – Suzi said that she’s in the middle in terms of the pecking order. She also said that things would settle down tonight.

Ranger is now alone – I got mad at him before we left because he was causing a ruckus in his attempt to lift the trash can lid. This caused Stormy to put her foot in the milking bucket. Had to dump it. I actually gave it to the chickens. I am sure he’s confused now.

And Ryder has been really quiet – I think that she misses Rainbow.

So after we leave, all that will remain here will be three chickens and one goat. Upon our return, we will gather everyone back together and then have one dog, two goats, three chickens, and four horses on the property.

It just amazes me how much work taking care of this many animals entails. It does not seem like that much, and it would not be that much, but I work at keeping all the animals well fed and their environs clean.

I know that we’ll have a good time – the next possible hurdle is going to see if we can get our friend Heather’s horse Rio into our trailer. Pete is absolutely convinced he will hop right in because it’s a large, well lit, commodious trailer. I agreed in watching him load up our horses who did not hesitate to hop in.

I will, once we get going, forget about my other unmentioned whoas. I have hit some stumbling blocks in terms of my career aspirations – I guess this is a life when this kind of thing is supposed to happen.

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