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July 26, 2017: Keep on keeping on

I think that Bob Dylan’s Blood on the Tracks album is his best work. The above line, it comes to mind often, particularly on the days when I haven’t slept well the night before. What keeps me going on days when I am dead tired is that I know that each waking hour is bringing me that much closer to a good night’s sleep. And because I’m exhausted, a good night’s sleep is a distinct possibility.

Enough about me, what about you? I have to ask, otherwise you might think that I’m being rude. I estimate that I have three dispatch readers at the very most, and that Pete is one of them. My mother was an infrequent reader but she died. My sister intimates that she once in a while reads what I write, but she is just that, an intimation.

There are some very logical reasons for my declining readership. The first is that I have not worked hard enough at marketing my website. The second reason is that my dispatches have a painfully narrow, undefined focus (perceptions of an off-the-grid Alaskan horse owner is not wide in scope enough). The third is that my dispatches have not been posted in a timely fashion. The fourth is that more people are reading Facebook postings than blogs.

What to do? I know that I should be speaking up more for my writing, but right now just getting the words on the page suffices. So let’s say that my three readers are a select and pretty special bunch of individuals.

I am proud of the fact that I’m not using my site (as some do) for book promotion, for fund raising, or to promote right wing causes. It is what it is, and that is that.

Right now I’m in Anchorage, staying at Laura’s place – I stay here when I have Bones for Life classes. It’s a nice place – there are ongoing family doings.

The day was quite good. We are slowly going through Ruthie Alon’s manuals – and I feel as though I am slowly grasping the material. As I noted yesterday, I am beginning to make the correspondences inherent to horse and rider anatomy and movement patterns. I must keep this in mind – rider is moving in a vertical Pelvis and lumbar vertebrae move forwards and backward as do the horse and human hips.

All I really want to do is just keep moving forward, in this instance, meaning learn new things. However, taking time to internalize new things is also very important. Bones for Life work slows me down, and this is very good for me. Maybe I need to move forward – more slowly.

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