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July 18, 2017: Time and Time Again

My friend Dan is constantly lamenting the fact that he has so little time to spend with the family’s horses. For sure, he does have the horse gene – is one of the few guys that has got it. I don’t think that it is carried on the Y chromosome all that often – just once in a while. Well, the horse bug has bitten him bad and he would be the first to admit it.

He works for the U.S. Parks Service, has two kids, has a wife, has to assist in keeping things going around their place. And so the four horses often get the short end of the stick.

The same holds true for my good friend Heather. She has one horse but lives a

considerable distance from it. And she has family and work responsibilities.

I know that both Dan and Heather envy me because I do spend considerable time with my horses. Like today – Pete rode Tinni and I rode Raudi almost ten miles on area trails. And after, Heather came over and I rode Tyra and she rode Hrimmi. I was tired and really had to motivate in order to go on the second ride. This is now a moot point. The fact that I had the time to do both is central to this dispatch.

I had the time because I made the time. Right now, spending time riding and tending to the horses must be what is most important to me. This has not been without considerable sacrifices (I can hear Dan and Heather, right now, going awwwwwwwwwwww). My writing career has suffered considerably. I am no longer running. Pete’s had to take on the bulk of the housework. Not good.

Has this been worth it? I realize in saying yes that I am rationalizing my obsession. So I will say yes and no. Yes, it has been worth it in that my caring for something else other than myself has been good for me. No, it has not been worth it in that I most likely will not now ever make a name for myself as a writer. So this no, it has intimations of regret.

I have worked hard with Raudi now for over a decade – with the sole purpose of getting her to be a reliable trail horse. And finally, she is. She proved this again today – for instance, backing down hill into the creek and keeping a safe distance behind Tinni when he sped up. And she did a wonderful job going down hills. I have spent considerable time to bring out the best in her, so no wonder this is what has come to be.

And I have begun to work with Tyra so that in time she too will be a reliable trail horse. I don’t think it will take as long as it took with Raudi because I learned so much in working with Raudi. I was a blank slate way back then.

I just take great joy in seeing the horses figure things out.

As for the writing – I have not yet given up on it -- but the horse obsession has indeed put a dent in my plans to gain international acclaim in this area.

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