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July 14, 2017: Bones for Life/Life for Bones

Yesterday I decided that I needed a workspace specifically for my Bones for Life work. The most logical place turned out to be my writer’s cabin, a space that I love but seldom inhabit. It’s most convenient to work inside, upstairs. And in the winter I do not have to worry about heat. The cabin is heated with additional wood – I just could not be bothered.

Well, after having made this decision I moved my Bones for Life manuals and related materials, and as well my nutrition class books and information down to my writing cabin. And today I began working there.

I had decided a week ago that I’d need to rewrite the three manuals in my own voice. They are translated from Hebrew and not at all easy for me to follow. I began this rather onerous task the day before yesterday. It was not that difficult. But yes, it is going to be time consuming.

I moved my computer to the writing cabin and I began working this a.m. on Chapter Three. I discovered that now that I have somewhat of a format (as much of a format as someone who is a creative writer can have), it has begun to go faster. I also did the exercises err processes in each of the three chapters.

Marriann on Kolfaxi

I found that I was making connections that I was not making in class. The second chapter, the one that I taught student during my practicum, really made sense when, after writing it up, I attempted to do it.

Later in the day, Mariann, a good friend, came over for a session. She has some physical issues. She fell off a mounting block shortly before she was to have knee replacement surgery. For the past three years she’s been laid up. Now she is walking and getting around with a cane.

I had planned to do the exercises in chapters two and three with her but ended up just going over chapter one (the introduction to Bones for Life) and chapter one, “Bouncing on your Heels.” We ended up just going over and doing the exercises in chapter two.

We began by talking about physical therapists and how sometimes we don’t know what they are talking about, using the example of grounding. This gave me an idea – I ended up beginning the lesson by doing a breathing exercise where you ground yourself by bringing your awareness to various parts of your body, and culminate by imagining your feet are in the warm sand.

After, I explained the premise behind the bouncing exercise – which is a way of bringing blood, a form of nourishment, to the bones. Then we did it. After a bit, Mariann said that her hip was bugging her a bit, so I had her sit down and do the exercise while seated. I then had her envision each injured part as she did the foot bouncing. Then I put a body wrap on her good leg. This was my TTeam training coming to the forefront of my consciousness. I forgot to tell Mariann that this is what Feldenkrais calls “Neural diplomacy.”

It was just a wonderful lesson for (I hope) us both and verification that this is something that I should keep on doing.

192. 7/15/17: Happy Trails to You

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