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July 12, 2017: Another Great Day, Thus Far

Today it’s 80 plus degrees out. The sun is shining brightly. The humidity is up there, and this is the only down sign, weather-wise. It’s weather that’s reflective of the fact this day is the essence of summer. There have not been many days like this, this year. Maybe this is a good thing. I am more appreciative of the better weather.

My friend Laura came for a visit – she drove here from Anchorage and brought along her two teenage daughters, Jordan and Joli. I was ahead of them say, by 15 or so minutes in my planning. I had just tied Tyra up and was going to get Tinni who was down by the gate grazing when

they pulled up into the driveway. I put out food for the horses, brushed them, cleaned their feet, and put bug dope on them before Pete tacked them up. This turned out be a very smart move on my part because working with two horses at a time, and in an organized fashion was both safer and less time-consuming than, say, starting out with all four.

Pete saddled up the horses and adjusted stirrups. We had four helmets on hand, and we got them to fit each rider. I decided that Laura would ride Raudi because Laura, being a mother, would maintain a firm hand. And I decided that Jordan would ride Tinni because she had the least amount of riding experience. And I decided that Joli would ride Hrimmi because she seemed to me be the patient sort. And I decided that I would ride Tyra because she’s still so young in the head.

I provided the younger riders with a minimum of directives. Too much input and riders start tuning you out. It went fairly well. Tyra who had never before been out with her three companions at the same time had no clue as to where she should be in the lineup. I got off and walked her after she raced down the trail in order to catch up with Tinni and Raudi. I just did not want her to get into the habit of doing this. I did get back on her a few times – after, I felt like this was the right thing to do.

Tinni took care of his rider. And Raudi behaved for Laura who was not going to let her get away with anything. Thank dog that Pete came with us – he was able to walk with Joli on Hrimmi – Hrimmi was a bit confused because her regular rider was on the ground.

The gang brought a dog along – Scooby – Scooby, a husky mix, had never before been around horses. We introduced him to Tinni first, walking Tinni past him several times. He was a bit nervous at first but soon calmed down. And he was fine in the woods. Ryder paid this soft city dog little mind.

We took photos of all at our Icelandic Horse Crossing sign. This is proof that, yes, we are now taking four horses out on the trail.

We concluded the horse adventure by brushing all the horses. And I sponged them down with cold water. I’m now getting ready to go out again – gotta get the miles on the ponies for the upcoming CTR. We don’t yet know who we are taking, but for sure Raudi we’ll take Raudi, who I will ride in the competitive pleasure division.

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