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July 10, 2017: Eyes Wide Open Shut

This is the title of a movie. Heard it was violent, never went to see it. Another misleading title down the tubes is “Silence of the Lambs.” Heard it was violent, never went to see it. That one, I pictured cute little lambs in a pen with the other lambs. They’d just finished eating, so they were quite content. I’m going to continue to enjoy title images and forego supposedly violent movies.

It was a day in which I had some set plans and followed through with what I set out to do. I didn’t get distracted by other things though there are here plenty of other things to get distracted by. I think this every time I see the brush growing taller and the wood pile height holding its own.

I printed up and began reading my chapter two horse nutrition notes. And I wrote up an outline of Part I, Book 1 of my Bones for Life manual. Then we went for a ride – I rode Tinni and Pete rode Hrimmi. Above us, storm clouds. It was threatening to rain, but of course it was and remained just a threat.

Next, cleaned the goat and chicken pens. Then I cleaned out the hay shed. The latter was a nod in the direction of optimism – oh yes, this means we are going to get more hay really soon.

The truth be known, no one is cutting hay yet. The weather has been too variable. We’ve experienced days of rain interspersed with days of sunshine. Not dry enough for the grass to dray. Plenty of time though, for it to get wet.

And there are chores, always chores on the daily agenda. Begin the day doing chores. End the day doing chores. AM and PM, an ongoing routine – clean up after and feed and water all animals. As I have observed, none of them want to deal with rain, either. Walked down to the pen during one downpour and found all of them standing in the main shelter.

Odd, this rainy season. We expected it to be like last summer – sunny and warm – and I think that we still have this expectation. But it is slowly dawning upon us all that this is going down in the books as a rainy summer. P-tooey. It has been such that the area rivers are overflowing their banks and taking out old homesteads, homesteads that were previously on 2.5 acres of land. The owners never really believed that this would happen, but it has. The power of the river is a reflection of the power of nature – no one believed that this would happen. You cannot say that better days are ahead when you see your home crash into the river and then be swept downstream. The roof that was once over your head is gone, and anything else that you did have the foresight to remove. I know, a river taking out a home is not a surprise, but denial actually is.

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