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July 8, 2017: A Conversation with Rainbow

Alys: Rainbow, just checking in.
Rainbow: I’m still here.
A: I can see that.
R: That’s good because I can’t see very well.
A: Can you hear me?
R: What?
A: Can you hear me?
R: No. And I can’t see you very well either.
A: So how do you know I’m here?
R: My sense of smell works as good as ever.
A: What do I smell like?
R: The outdoors. The sun and the wind mainly.
A: Really?

R: No. Actually, you smell like horses and goats and chickens and dog.
A: Do I really?
R: Yes, these are smells I am familiar with.
A: So how do I know you aren’t imagining them?
R: I could be imagining them.
A: It does not matter. It is what I smell like these days.
R: We have been together a long time.
A: Do you remember how we first met?
R: Like it was today.
A: You were young and running around in a field. You followed me to Fremont Hot Springs.
R: And you ditched me.
A: Yes.
R: And I ended up in an animal shelter.
A: Yes.
R: And you found me.
A: Yes.
R: And we had many, many adventures together.
A: Yes. What was your favorite?
R: Didn’t ever have a favorite.
A: Really?
R: I liked hanging out with you and Pete.
A: And in the winter we took you skijoring.
R: And I enjoyed that too.
A: Lots of memories.
R: Yes, lots of memories.
A: All good ones?
R: All good ones.
A: Undoubtedly you’ve heard Pete and me talking about you.
R: Yes, every single word.
A: We are putting a number of plans on hold, so that we can be with you.
R: You know, I really appreciate it.
A: We know you do.
R: I’m not yet wanting to leave either of you.
A: And we aren’t wanting to let you go.
R: But in the near future, I am going to have to go.
A: And where do you think you are going?
R: I don’t know.
A: I don’t know either. But I suspect that wherever it is, you will again be young and mobile.
R: I would like that. Not being able to get around is frustrating. My back legs just will not hold me up.
A: For now, just think about your front end. You are still eating,
R: I like it when you feed me off the spoon.
A: And I like giving you an assist.
R: And I really like being fed Cheese Whiz.
A: Even though . . .
R: Yeah, even though you put my pills in the stuff.
A: The pills – they are to reduce inflammation.
R: I don’t know if they are doing me any good. But it does me good to know they are doing you good.
A: Works both ways, doesn’t it?
R: It does.
A: Do you think we will be together in the afterlife?
R: I have no idea. But I think so.
A: I think so too.
R: Gimme an ear scratch.
A: That’s easy.
R: Only do things that are easy.

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