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July 4, 2017: A Conversation with the Three Girls

Rainy weather. A most opportune time to converse with the three chickens. Freebird 2.0 has adjusted to life with Freebird 1.0 and with Dove. Here’s the three hen’s thoughts on this matter.

Freebird 1.0: I Want out. It’s time to blow this coop.
Dove: But it’s raining.
Freebird 2.0: So what?
D: I don’t do rain.
1.0: All you do is eat and meditate.
2.0: Food’s good here.
1.0: I don’t like it when she puts goat milk in the grain.
2.0: I like the carrot peelings.
1.0: Hear me? I want out.
D: Awwwwwk!!!
1.0: Must you let every animal in the premises know when you’re laying an egg?

D: I’m laying an egg. I’m laying an egg! Awwwk!
2.0: Very impressive, though it appears as though your shell is on the thin side.
1.0: Here she comes. She’s going to take the egg away from you.
D: I’ll lay another tomorrow.
1.0: What we need around here is a rooster.
D: This is not of consequence to you. You haven’t laid an egg in years.
2.0: Roosters are nasty creatures. They are very controlling. And all they ever think about is sex. Hump, hump, hump, all day long, that’s all they want to do.
1.0: A little more of that would liven things up around here.
2.0: Slut!
1.0: You calling me a slut?
D: It appears so. 1.0 you should retract your statement.
1.0: Not going to.
D: The Great One will pay us a visit soon enough.
2.0: Which came first, the chicken or the egg?
D: The chicken.
1:0: The egg.
2.0: Both. You see, the Great One, the one who created us all, he had a vision one night – that there be both chickens and eggs. So he put both on earth. And made and added a few roosters – his thinking was that the rooster would fertilize the eggs.
D: Where did you come up with this?
2.0: I have studied the chicken bible. I found it in a box, where I came from, Sun Circle Farm. I am able to read – this was Great One’s gift to me. My job is to pass on the word of Rooster.
1:0: I have heard enough. It’s time to break out of here.
2.0: I who am all-knowing and created in the image and likeness of all chickens who came before me suggest that we all stay put for right now.
1.0: Your rationalization?
2.0 It’s raining.
D: And what if it does not stop raining?
2.0: Oh yee of little faith – it will, it will, it will. Most certainly, it will.
1.0: So I’m stuck ere with a Peacenik and Born Again hen.
2.0: Sticks and stones will break your bones.
1.0: I know, I know, and names will never hurt you.
2.0: Just carry a nasty sting.
1:0: Gotta get as far away as I can from the bees.
D: Stay put and count your blessings. At least the sky isn’t falling.

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