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June 22, 2017: Forging Ahead

Been getting out and riding horses in the summer/blustery weather. Yesterday it threatened to rain all day, but didn’t until very late, as I was doing the end of the day’s horse chores. So we are being cagey about what we do when, adjusting our indoor/outdoor activities to the weather patterns.

It was 117 degrees F yesterday in Phoenix, Arizona, so we who live here in Alaska should consider ourselves lucky. What’s a little rain, eh? The previous statement is one that would be said by many who live in our area, including me. We here (and most likely elsewhere) do not think globally, globally in this instance being outside our very small sphere. Here is now and now is here. If you lived here, you’d be home now.

The issue at stake here is climate change. It’s now happening worldwide. Our planet is dying and we are hastening the process. It’s an inevitability, in this instance cause by their being too many people on the planet. Read: over population. We deny this, because we like those cute little babies. Heck, we can now keep premature babies alive. It’s babies galore. Then, there is another inevitability, and this is that those babies will all become consumers. Water, food, and renewable and non-renewable resources.

Teachers in schools world-wide can no longer handle the sheer numbers. So education, which might be a partial solution to the problem, has also fallen by the wayside.

We are smart enough to deny that we see the end coming – and again because of our numbers, unable to do anything about it. The Paris Accord on Climate Change was smashed to smithereens by the Trump administration – just like that. Other countries agreed to sign on, but we said no. Amazingly, in an exchange, Pope Frances gave Trump his encyclical on climate change. Problem is, Trump ain’t one for reading. He most likely threw it away, and someone else grabbed it out of the garbage. It will be auctioned off at Sotheby’s for thousands of dollars.

In the words of Kurt Vonnegut (who would be appalled by what is going on) “and so it goes.”

More and more people are moving to Alaska because it is cooler here. So Alaska is getting more crowded. Any time I see a rental van leaving the area, I cheer.

Some might tell me to chill. It is going to be near-impossible to chill if the temperatures here continue to rise. I do not know what the reason for our rainy summer might be, but I do know that something is up climatically.

So our garden (because of the clinic goings on) is late in getting in. And today’s plans, to get the carrots and beets in, have been put on hold. We do seem to get these small day long breaks in the weather and are hoping for a few more. But when this happens, I get concerned because the overall attitude, that all is fine climatically, seems to prevail.

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