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June 20, 2017: Back to Work

The clinic days really tired me out. There was a lot to it, cleaning up our place, preparing for guests, hosting guests, taking care of the animals, making sure that clinic organizers and participants were always on the same page. And, of course, making sure that everyone involved needs were met. Most, I learned, have a serious coffee addiction. We had to find ways to feed it.

Would I do such a major endeavor again? Not on that grand a scale – having two clinicians here and filling the slots was time-consuming and difficult. We did not fill the Centered Jumping or the Western Dressage clinics because the Alpenglow Pony Club organizers had already lined up

a clinician who was catering to their specific interests. If, say, early on, I had offered their members a discount for attending our clinics, this would not have been a problem.

Centered Riding clinician Deb Moynihan is now scheduled to do a jumping clinic out at Will and Mimi Peabody’s place – the same place we did the jumping clinic. This reduced our numbers as did the fact that Deb is also scheduled to do the second half of the instructor clinic.

I wish I felt better about it all. I feel as though the proverbial pillowcase was pulled over my head. I can’t see the sheets because of the linen.

Now it’s late. I am again falling asleep at the computer. For each hour of sleep lost one must put in two more. And if one is older, three hours more. There simply was no way around this. Both Pete and I had to get things done, here on the home front, and this also took time. And we had to get to Saddle Up and get the animals situated and the food laid out. I am not domestic – I admire my friends who just look at a box of food and make it look appealing and appetizing. Maybe their mothers teach them how to do this. Yep, blame it all on my mother – the source of all my unlearned imperfections. Actually, she taught me a lot of things, the most important being to finish the food on my plate and to share my food with others. And this I did, even though I was busy at the clinic because this is what I’d been trained to do. And so, the food, while not laid out properly, was there for those who wanted it. Yippie skippy.

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