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June 13, 2017: Sightseeing

This morning Pete left for Seward by car and Peggy and Susan left by train. Pete called this evening. He said they had a wonderful trip down, and spent a portion of the day at Sea World. Pete joined them for dinner.

I would like to have gone but could not go because there was clinic stuff to be tended to here. It is Tuesday. Everyone will return late Thursday evening. So I am going to have to be the one who gets stuff in order. I need to put the trail obstacles course together, reorganize the food stash, update and work on the list of participants for the next clinic, which begins on Friday I specifically need to figure out who is riding in what class.

Today I went up to Hatcher Pass with Saundra O”Reilly and her daughter Rose. There was a low cloud cover and it was drizzling out so we could not see the mountain peaks. Still, we had a great time checking out the interpretive museum and outdoor interpretative exhibits. Amazing, Hatcher Pass and all that goes with it is in my backyard. And I so seldom get up there. I would not have checked out the interpretive aspect of the area had I not been a tour guide. It is a job that I truly enjoyed.

I came home, sat down at the computer, and fell asleep. I woke up and crawled into bed and took a nap, which is uncharacteristic of me. I’d much rather keep going, night of the living dead, this describes me at this point in time.

Tomorrow I’ll take the pair to the musk ox farm, bring them here, and then head on out to the Matanuska Glacier. On Thursday the pair is going on an airboat trip up the Knik River.

Tonight Stormy gave us a record amount of milk – three quarts and pint (she gave us three quarts this morning). As I milked her, I wondered if the job would ever be over. It just kept coming. She seems quite happy and like she has settled in here. I do miss Rover. I wish that he had lived on. He would have liked her. Ranger seems happy though.

Rainbow continues to hold her own. She’s a dog who in her earlier years managed to burn the candles at both ends. Tonight she walked under the front porch and got her head stuck. My thinking, as I attended to her, was that she was not that bad off – she yelped, so she knew that she was stuck. She’s not blind but does seem to me to be deaf.

Now thinking about the next clinic – I am glad in a way that I won’t be riding because it will be less stressful, what with so much to do. But on the other hand, I would like to have done Susan’s trail clinic. Raudi would have liked to do this. Obstacles, for her it is all about obstacles. And maybe me too. Maybe she is most self-assured in such instances because I am self-assured.

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