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January 16, 2017: Snow Day

It’s a snow day here – it’s been coming down a while and is going to continue to come down. More snow than we’ve seen in years. The kid in me is excited. I want to go outside and practice falling in snowdrifts. The adult in me is dismayed. I don’t want to have to move snow.

Snow removal – I’m the one who is going to have to expend physical energy and make it easier for us to get around. Pete’s going to be driving the tractor, which requires less physical energy. But in all fairness to Pete, he moved a lot of snow, by hand and by tractor, this past weekend when I was in Anchorage.

This past weekend I attended my third Bones for Life training session. The premise behind Bones for Life, which is Feldenkrais-related, is that in doing simple exercises one creates new neural pathways. And in creating new neural pathways, one changes habitual tension patters that are movement related. The end result is more freedom of movement and greater efficiency. Doing most physical things is a far more simple endeavor.

So today, more so than at the conclusion of the other two Bones for Life sessions, – I feel more limber, both mentally and physically. And once again, the possibilities of what I might accomplish, both mentally and physically, seem limitless.

This morning, I sat in the living room chair, which is something that I seldom do – I’m usually in the kitchen or upstairs, in my study. I first read a bit about the Krotona Institute School of Theosophy, which offer classes in this very subject. I happened to notice that they are offering a class called “Quantum Physics: Exploring Vital Energy and Energy Healing” on April 28-30 and another class called Quantum Economics: Deep Ecology, and Social Transformation,” May 2-5. Hmm, perhaps I will be able to check these out on my return trip home from the east coast. Is an idea, and I am all about ideas.

In Bones for Life class we talked about insularity and how as we age (or as most people age) we become physically less flexible. And as we become physically less flexible, we become mentally less flexible. We move less mentally and physically from place to place. There are few tangential leaps.

I know how this happens – an extreme example. Someone, like my friend Karen Hopp, who is an avid hiker says “let’s go for a day hike up Arcose Ridge.” I might say no because the prospect of that much physical exercise seems daunting. I have determined that I do not want to be this way. I want to run and grab my trail shoes and go for it. So Bones for Life, Meditation, and the like it will be.

I feel today like my thoughts are all over the place, scattered hither and yon. Writing makes me a bit more focuses, if only for a brief amount of time.

I have a lot of big ideas. I’m now working on a series of 13 poems entitled “Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Goat,” poems, prose poems, conversations with goats. I am going to push metaphor in two of these – one entitled Greatest of All Time and Write about Mohammed Ali, who coined the phrase.

I am hoping my friend Betty can do some alcohol paintings, or at least the cover. I will put this up as an e-book. This is going to be a simple project – the possibilities are and must remain limitless.

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