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June 11, 2017: Anatomy in Motion Day

It was a very long day – I hoped to sleep in but this was not to be. I woke up at 5:30 a.m. thinking first about Tinni – he had eaten a considerable amount of grass at Saddle Up, when he was sequestered in the paddock. I feared that he might have laminitis but he was just fine.

It was a good thing that I did get up because I had time to get things in order for the upcoming day. So my day did begin in an organized fashion. Colleen took off at 7:00 a.m. and went to Deb Moore’s place to do God knows what. (She never told me.) Pete finally got up and made sure the other two guests had breakfast. And Margo informed me that she was going to go shopping because she was burnt out on

clinics and that also she was taking off the next day, mid-day, going into Anchorage early so she could check out the sights. And furthermore, both she and Corinne (other New York state visitor) had to be over at Saddle Up at 10:30 a.m. so that they could give their respective lessons.

Both Pete and I obliged, on all accounts. Had I not gotten up early, my taking Margo and Corinne to Saddle Up would have been a stretch.

The Anatomy in Motion clinic went very well. There were some near misses, for instance, Susan’s power point presentation was nearly jettisoned when we discovered that Pete didn’t have the needed program on his computer. Oh Oh. Fortunately, Colleen had it on hers.

Susan gave a wonderful presentation, and then had the young ones assist her in painting the muscle side of Smoky, the white horse. And she painted the skeletal system. After, Peggy, in her bone suit, did a riding demonstration, one in which she made the connections inherent to equitation and anatomy.

Next, Shari Lee, my Bones for Life teacher, gave an amazing body awareness demonstration. It was quite cool – she had Peggy there in her bone suit. I think that she realized three quarters of the way through that this was a really good teaching model.

And a potluck followed. I spent time talking to friends, who came in large numbers. I’d say that 60 plus individuals showed up.

The day concluded with a regional representative meeting in which both Peggy and Susan attended. It fizzled out because the one who was orchestrating this had an important phone call beforehand. Too bad because it could have been a really good meeting – instead it was a bust.

Now so very tired. A few days respite coming up. The visitors are leaving tomorrow. This is often the case when we have visitors. Our place is not conducive to long term guests. We forget this because we live here. Getting a hot shower is (sad to say) pretty much a roll of the dice, as is laundry. And just not enough time to cater to everyone’s needs and wishes.

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