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June 6, 2017: The Girls Have Arrived

The day began with a fire, which occurred at about 10 a.m. Pete who was standing in the kitchen addition yelled “smoke!” and ran out the door with me following close behind. I then saw what he saw – smoke, gray and white, was billowing out of the generator shack. Pete, who has mental fast twitch muscles, ran back inside the cabin, grabbed two small fire extinguishers, and put out the blaze.

I don’t yet understand what started the blaze, but I do now understand that this was a potentially serious matter. Yeah, as Pete said, the Black Hole (the cabin that contains all our gear) would have burned to the ground because no fire truck would

be able to get up the hill and to the building in time. Plus there’s a load of wood blocking the upper quadrant entrance.

So, no, we are not fire prepared. If we had a fire in our main cabin or the Black Hole Cabin, or the woodshed, we’d be black toast.

I was milking the goat as Pete was ripping apart the shed and dosing it with water. And then, none of the above occurred to me. No, I instead was thinking about all we had to do before our clinic guests arrived – needed to finish raking the yard, clean the goat pen, get the upper cabin and writing cabin ready for our guests, and get the horses out for a ride. I did all this, though the horses got shorted. Pete was then busy planting potatoes. He’d previously been busy doing a whole lot of other things, including painting the jump poles. So only Raudi and Tinni got out, short jaunts on Siggi’s Loop. Raudi and I had a good time on Raudi’s Runway – she has that rocking horse canter . . . .

Then it was off to Anchorage. We first went to Costco, the big box store that I hate, and we got food for the clinic. Then we went and had dinner, Vietnamese food – way too spicy for me. Frustrating, because the one across the table, who lives spicy hot food, was clearly enjoying his meal. Oh well, the meal did clear out the sinuses.

Then we headed to the airport where we picked up the Centered Riding reps – Corinne, Colleen, and Margo. I had met Colleen in NY. She’d arranged the agility and the Creativity workshops. Corinne (who travels very light and really likes Alaska) is also from New York. And Margo is from North Carolina. She says a lot of funny things. All were tired after a long day’s travel and the east coast time difference.

Once here, they unloaded and promptly staked out their sleeping quarters. Corinne is in my writing cabin, and Colleen and Margo are in the guest cabin.

It’s Tuesday and the clinic begins Friday a.m. Tomorrow will be a day in which they settle in. I don’t think that they will wake up early – I hope not. I have a goat to milk and horses to tend to. In the afternoon we’ll go for a ride at Crevasse Moraine – Deb Moore has located horses for them. So they will get to be a part of the posse. On Thursday we’ll get ready for the clinic. Of course I’m fretting because I have no idea how any of this is going to go. The best I can do is – stay centered.

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