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June 3, 2017: Home Again

. . . I feel like I was away from home for a long, long time. But I was less than 100 miles away, in Anchorage. That’s what hanging out in a small room for 20 hours and creating new neural pathways will do to you.

I was well aware that a lot could go wrong in my absence, but nothing did. Pete did his usual wonderful job when I was away. Tonight, when he picked me up after class, he proudly told me that Stormy (new goat) jumped right up on her stand when he went to milk her. It even looked to me like his chest was puffed out a bit when he said this. Prior to my Friday departure she was resistant to the idea of doing this. We called Suzi, her breeder and former owner and she said that Stormy most likely was having difficulties getting up on the stand on the right side and would feel more comfortable getting up on the left. So we moved the stand. Now I can also sit directly behind her and milk and have the bucket right in front of me.

Tonight when I milked I sat up tall in part because of my recent body awareness training and in part because I am in a better position in terms of getting the job done. We’ve now had her nearly a week – because she’s settled in and no longer stressed her milk output (as of tonight) was three quarts. Three quarts. This is a lot of milk. Pete (again in my absence) made soft cheese.

Alys's writing cabin

I am going to learn how to make Kefir and Kefir smoothies. I wonder, if I get a brown goat, might we get chocolate milk?

Pete also took good care of the horses in my absence – he took Tyra on a walk up the bench and took Tinni for a ride. He said that all went well.

So all is just fine on the home front.

I am now getting nervous about the next thing on my agenda – the upcoming clinics. It really all begins tomorrow with a conference call in which the Centered Riding reps and Susan Harris and I “plan” the rep meeting. I’m not sure what day it is going to be on – I don’t have a good sense of what is happening in the evenings. I am going to depend again upon Pete and the reps to give me a hand with all that needs to be done. There are those who dream of taking on big undertakings and those who actually take on big undertakings. And there are those who push others to give an assist.

Tomorrow – Pete and I must clean up our fouled nest and our adjacent fouled nests. The latter are our guest cabin and my writing cabin. I actually did a drive-by in each, so it won’t be all that bad. Glad I did what I did though I regret the fact that I did what I did when the weather was nice.

Got the May agility results. A disappointing month of May. Raudi got a score of 87 and second place. And Hrimmi got a score of 95 and fourth place. Both results discouraging because I thought the May course was an easy one.

It’s overcast and spitting outside. It could remain this way. This could put a damper on the week’s plans. What, me worry?

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