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May 31, 2017: A Conversation with Raudi

Alys: Raudi, how are you today?
Raudi: Just fine. Been enjoying nosing the gas container around – lots of treats there today.
A: Enjoying the weather?
R: Cut to the chase, what’s up.
A: I want to talk about yesterday.
R: Yes?
A: What did you think of our work with Steiner?
R: That nice man?
A: Yes, that nice man.
R: Well, it was hard for me to concentrate when we were in the enclosure. This is because there were stallions out in the other enclosure.
A: And some mares.
R: Never mind the mares, I was most

interested in the guys.
A: Yes, and also the grass.
R: Food and sex. I’m all about both.
A: You did focus on me and come to me several times.
R: That’s right. I thought you might take me over to where the guys were.
A: No, that wasn’t in the plans.
R: I have been telling you for some time, I want to have a foal.
A: Raudi, it isn’t in the cards.
R: Why not?
A: Lots of reasons. First of all, we don’t have a place that’s big enough for five horses. And I don’t have the time to work with five horses.
R: Get a bigger place. You get a job. And find a new home for Tyra.
A: All impossibilities.
R: You keep telling me that all things are possible.
A: Not in this instance.
R: Ever?
A: Never say never. Another drawback is that we could not keep your foal. I’d have to sell him or her.
R: I’m sure you could find him or her a good home.
A: There are no guarantees. People are unreliable.
R: All people?
A: Yes, all people. Let’s now talk about the lesson.
R: We were out in the open, where there was a track.
A: And you were okay with this?
R: No. I was by myself. It would have been more fun if there were other horses with me.
A: Yeah, I thought about this later.
R: And I could see the stallions.
A: Yeah, I thought about this then.
R: And Ruth’s two horses were right on the outside of the arena.
A: Yes . . .
R: But that nice man, the one that was telling you how to ride – I really liked him.
A: What did you like?
R: He had you lower your stirrups. After, you felt more balanced. And he worked with you on relaxing your back muscles and also loosening your hands. You know, sometimes you don’t realize it, but you hold me back. When you let me go, I felt more free to go.
A: How come you kept stopping?
R: Because you were so tense.
A: I’m not like that all the time, am I?
R: No. You are very relaxed when we are out on the trail.
A: Your canter – it was quite nice.
R: I consider it one of my virtues. And the boys, they were also impressed with it.
A: What do I have to do to keep you from thinking about the boys?
R: Just let me at the green grass. Now and forever.

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