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May 26, 2017: Hither and Yon

Where is Hither? Where is Yon? Are they close? Far apart? Are they climatically similar? Different? I could maybe google these questions and get some answers. But I am not going to do this. I’m finding google and its quick fix answers to be intellectually deleterious. Once one has the answer in hand, there is no more speculation. Far better to continue to speculate, which is what I am going to do. I am also going to ask others these very same questions. The word Hither on one T-shirt and Yon on the other would generate some conversation. Would like to get shirts for Pete and me, and wear them at the state fair.

Alys riding Tyra in the area

I’m so tired that I could easily set my head on this desk and fall asleep. It was a long day, with three major projects. And still, with some assistance, all the horses got out. Early this morning I started to look for my balance rein – couldn’t find it – then began tearing apart both the trailer tack room and the shed tack room in search of said item. Tearing apart turned into a cleanup/organizing project. Pete took Tyra for a walk, which provided me with additional incentive in terms of this endeavor. When he returned, he worked on the shed tack room project. I had cleaned it a few weeks ago but the mice had not vacated the premises. What a mess. I was grateful for his assistance because I had bit off more than I could chew.

I put a saddle on Tyra when she, Ryder, and Pete returned. We then went up to the arena and I got on her. Tyra followed Pete in a very relaxed fashion. It is fun riding her – she has a lively bounce to her step. I discovered that if I breathe up, that is inhale, I rise up and become more vertical – Tyra then moves off. Later I did the same exercise with Raudi and got the same results. I’m working with Raudi on leaving the grass alone. I’m doing this by using my seat to keep her moving, and attempting to yank on the reins less. So far, so good, though every so often she still does her signature nose dive. Grr, grr, grr.

Pete rode Hrimmi when I rode Raudi – we went to the Murphy Road turnoff, turned around, and then took to our trails. It was a good outing. I later took Tinni to Pat and Ray’s trail – we went over Raudi’s bridge and up the hill a ways. We are hoping to find someone to ride him in upcoming CTR.

Second project – finished raking the front area. Third project – Pete suggested that I clean up the hayshed and paint my jump poles in there. It was a very onerous task, moving pallets and stacking them against the wall and stuffing hay in various sized bags. There are no other words to describe this. Tomorrow I get a break. I am going to audit a clinic for the next three days, so I won’t be riding until Monday.

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