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May 20, 2017: Insomnia

Odd, how one little idea will come to mind when I’m in bed – and I will try and make it bigger. Then later on, when I get up, it is smaller and more insignificant than it was originally.

Bones for Life class – yesterday evening, we did an exercise – we were to clasp our hands behind our backs, which was something that I could not do. Shari remarked that this was because I’m so slumped. I was a bit bothered by her remark because I have spent so much time on becoming unslumped. We next raised out hands over our heads – I then felt my shoulders open up.

What helped, additionally, Shari telling us all about a woman who was in her Feldenkrais class. I guess, like me, she was slumped in the shoulders. She did some exercises and her shoulders opened to the degree that she was unable to zip up her jacket. Thinking of this image, and also envisioning my being able to clasp my hands both enabled me to create new neural pathways.

Later, after doing another exercise – shoulders against the wall – I began feeling very restless. This happened once before. Shari had, earlier, explained that the brain is like an Etch a Sketch -we “create” an image and then shaking the Etch a Sketch, erase the image. The analogy is that if we move too quickly after creating a pathway we undo it.

This got me to thinking that the same analogy might hold true for horses, riders and horses AND riders. So best to keep the sessions short, end them on a good note, and then give them time to process what they have learned. Just like what I did yesterday with Tyra.

I tend to plan for the next event – this weekend, being here in Anchorage is that event – and not much further. Now, in my spare minutes I am thinking about next weekend and the upcoming clinic with Steiner, the Icelandic horse trainer. I will go and audit the first three days. Then on the fourth day he’ll be coming here. I have tack to clean, the front area of the shelter to clean, his book to reread.

If I have the time, I’ll also do some clicker training with the crew. Then the weekend after that, I have another Bones for Life training session. Then the weekend after that, we have the first Centered Riding clinic. Then the weekend after that, we’ll have the second Centered Riding clinic. Then after that, most of my time is going to be preparing Hrimmi and Raudi for the July Competitive trail ride. It all seems a part of a logical progression. But at the same time, it is also daunting.

I need time to create and let both the imagined and real neural pathways rest. Rest is a very good thing. Resting makes it easier to sleep. Have to discipline myself to rest. Sounds oxymoronic, but wise person that I am, I know from experience that sleep deprivation programs don’t work. Eventually it catches up with you.

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