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May 13, 2017: Duly Noted: Pete’s Birthday

Unreal. It was Pete’s birthday and I was the one who had the wonderful day. This hardly seems right. If I asked him, I’d suspect he’d say that he had a great day. But this is Pete, who always makes the best of everything.

First off, he made waffles for breakfast. We used the syrup a friend of mine in Vermont sent us. Real Vermont syrup. Next, I rode Tyra and Pete walked her. She was mystified as to why all the sudden I was on her back and why I was asking her to move forward and why she could not move sideways and eat grass. She did not buck, bolt, or rear. Just stopped often. Just like Hrimmi, Tyra has a great deal of common sense. And she, too, is going to be a great riding horse.

Next we went for a trail ride, me riding Raudi, Pete riding Hrimmi, and Heather riding Rio. Raudi crossed the bridge we built for her, with me riding her – Rio hesitated and Heather got off and lead him across. Actually, he bounced across, and several times at that. Hrimmi, after watching Rio decided the bridge was unsafe and planted her feet in the ground in front of it. Poor Pete could not then go for a ride with Heather and me. We went up the hill a ways and Pete rode Hrimmi up and down the trail several times.

I was really pleased with how Raudi did – I do believe that changing my stirrup length made all the difference in the world.

Heather and I rode past our place, and kept going. Pete went back up the driveway with Hrimmi. He later said that if he knew we were going for a longer ride, he would have come along. I replied that I thought he was done for the day, having so much to do ‘n all.

After lunch, Pete checked in on the bees and did a few other things. And Heather and I did arena work. I had her first walk the agility course and then ride it. Rio became transfixed by Ranger, who stood on the hill watching. I’d had Heather put the fit kit under the saddle (Pete had rolled it out so it was flat), and while she was riding, I took some pictures and a video. After looking at the videos and the wear spot in the fit kit, Heather was able to see that her seat position – chair seat – needs work. Both she and I saw that she was riding in a non-aligned fashion. I would not have been aware of this had I not had this pointed out to be when I was in NY.

Pete left in the late afternoon for a BCHA meeting. Little did he know, but I arranged for him to be the recipient of a birthday cake. Heck, I did not make him one so he had to go elsewhere – to a meeting where people are more appreciative of him than I am.

In his absence, I got on Rio and rode him around – I at the same time attempted to show Heather how she might better position her legs under her. It was huge, my riding her horse. I never thought I would do this. I actually rode him twice. And I want to ride him again. He was light on his feet and very responsive. Quite obviously, boot camp in NY prepared me for this.

Quite obviously, I fared better than Pete did today. Maybe he will have a better day on my birthday.

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