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May 12, 2017: Clean Up Day

I thought I left the materials in my work area in order when I went off on my New York State walkabout. Uhh uhh. What a freaking mess I left behind. It looks like a tornado struck in my study. As in “everybody, run for your life.” Well, I ran but I then returned. Maybe a mistake, but then I would have left smaller tornados in other places.

Yesterday I dug through piles of stuff, looking for what I needed. What I was doing was ignoring what I called “the great upheaval.” I realized this morning that I could no longer function in an efficient fashion and get anything done, ever, unless I confronted the mess.

The good news is I made some progress. The bad news is that it’s going to take several days of focused, ongoing micro-and macro-sorting before I am organized. The situation is dire. I began this morning by sorting through the materials that I took with me and brought back from NY. It’s a start.

I have so many books to read. But at least they are now in piles, in a central area. I also got my agility manual in order. Giddy up.

I have to get my horse training act together, and fast.

Raudi and Hrimmi need competitive trail riding training, and Tyra needs young horse, soon to be ridden training. I need to go over my research CTR materials and get the heart monitor working. Tinni just needs to be kept amused.

I also need to work on Bones for Life material – I have to start doing the exercises so that I can get the most out of class next week. I’m glad the class is not this week, as I originally thought. Would then be more overwhelmed. I also need to be reading my Centered Riding handouts so that I appear to be know what I’m talking about when attending the next upcoming clinic, which is going to be here.

I need, I need, I need, the list goes on and on. The big picture: I have to go through the files in my filing cabinet and reorganize my books and figure out which ones I need to be reading. When done, if ever, I am going to move base camp and resume working in my writing cabin.

This is all inside stuff. There is now also outside stuff. I need to finish cleaning the chicken pen, clean the outhouse and also my tack room.

Gentle reader, do you sense that I’m feeling very overwhelmed? I am not doing a good job of hiding this.

Outside, incredible weather – absolutely beautiful. Pete is now fixing the gate that Raudi took down in walking past it yesterday after our ride. He’s also changing the studded tires on the red car, and tending to the garden. Later today he’s going to graduation. The seniors are leaving the building.

I have a list of things to do sitting right next to me. First things first, always first things first. Gotta write a letter to the Centered Riding scholarship committee, providing them with an update of the update clinic.

Spring has sprung big time. It was inevitable that I would get caught in the undertow.

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