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May 10, 2017: Mr. Briar,

Thank you for getting in touch with me. This was a wonderful way to begin the day. Everyone should hear from one of their favorite dogs. And what a wonderful dog you are – you are intelligent, empathetic, and inquisitive. You love your owners and they love you. In fact, if you have not yet figured it out, everyone around you loves you to pieces. I kept telling your two moms that someday you are going to be a great dog – and I meant it.

I have the addresses of a few monasteries in hand, so keep that in mind when you rip up puppy manuals or chew on computer cords. Remember, the floors are cold and the parchment will stick between your teeth. And you would only be fed once a day.

Counter surfing – oh oh; this is a really bad habit that you must abandon, immediately. This will fail to endear you to owners. In part this because this will inconvenience them, that is having to put butter containers on the mantle.

Yes, I am home now. We have a lot going on here, just like at your place. I only have four ponies, all the size of Gabby or smaller. Today I put the goat in with the ponies because the veterinarian was here and I didn’t want to go back up to the cabin. All chased Ranger

around the paddock. This was unusual – usually Ranger just goes over and eats their food. The veterinarian and his assistant thought it was very funny.

The trip home was uneventful. When I was at the train station in Chicago, I saw a couple who had a golden lab and two border collies that looked just like my Ryder dog. All were service animals and lay at their owner’s feet. Maybe, Briar, someday you will have a similar job.

The train trip was uneventful. The route included passage along the Mississippi and time in Glacier National Park. And I made some new friends when I was on the train. I hung out with Joe who was mildly autistic and Mitch who was ADD. I shared some of my food with them – Kelly and yer mom made sure I had enough food for the trip. What nice people. I was genuinely moved by their gesture.

I spent a day in Portland, Oregon with my sister. Then I flew home. I am glad to be here because this is such a beautiful place. But at the time I miss my Hicroffg Brier, keep your eye on Kelly for me. She’s a really wonderful person. As for puppy class – you did well last week, and because you now know that much more you will do even more this week.

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