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May 5, 2017: A Conversation with Gabby the Halflinger

Gabby is the horse that I’ve been spending the most time with during my stay here. She’s a halflinger, and like Raudi, who also is a northern breed, has a strong sense of self. I had the following conversation with her this morning.

Alys: Gabby Girl, how are you doing?
Gabby: Got a peppermint for me? You just gave one to Ike.
A: I’m out of them.
Gabby stomps hoof.
A: I will go up to the house and get more after I finish cleaning your stall. And when I’m done, we are heading down to the arena.
G: Are you going to ride me?
A: No, we are going to do ground work.
G: Same old, same old, right?
A: Yep.

G: Will you give me treats if I do as I’m told?
A: Yep.
G: (To stablemate) Hey Emma, I’m heading out.
Emma: About time.
Minion: Get your fat lazy ass in gear.
Robar: Hey, hey, no bad language here.
A: Gabby, it’s raining pretty hard out there. Maybe we should wait until later before heading out.
G: Let’s go. I won’t melt.
Vivaldi: Puddles, puddles, watch out for the puddles.
G: I don’t know why puddles bother you.
Vivaldi: They bother me because I can’t see the bottom.
Minion: You really gotta get over this; otherwise you won’t be taken out.
Vivaldi: I don’t want to go to the arena. I just want to run.
G: Look how very green the grass is. I just want to graze and graze some more.
A: At home we call this grubbing.
G: I heard the barn help say you are again leaving.
A: Yes, I have another home and it is far, far away.
G: Tell me more about your home.
A: I have four Icelandic horses.
G: What are their names?
A: Tinni, Raudhetta, Hrimfara, and Tyra.
G: Why don’t you take me home with you?
A: The main reason is that Raudhetta and you are carbon copies of one another. You both have a very strong sense of self. And Raudi and I are soul mates. If I brought you home and put you two together she’d kill you.
G: You could keep us in separate stalls.
A: My horses live in a medium sized paddock.
G: So everyone eats together?
A: Yes.
G: Does everyone get their share?
A: Most times.
G: Do you put blankets on them when it rains?
A: Nope. They have thick coats and shelters they can hang out in, rain or shine.
G: I find it hard to believe that they all get along.
A: They do. Last year we got Tyra who at four is the youngest and the smallest. It took six months before the gang of three was a gang of four. I don’t think we could have a gang of five.
G: I understand. I really do.
A: It breaks my heart to leave you, but I’ll come back. You just don’t know what fate has in store for us all.
G: That is so true. You know, I am quite content here. Emma and Minion and I are buddies. And I’m fed well and my stall is cleaned daily. And Karol and Sally love me dearly.
A: Yes, I am leaving knowing that you are in very good hands.
G: I want a peppermint.
A: Will do.

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