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April 28, 2017: Creativity Clinic, Day #1

Today’s the first day of the two-day creativity clinic. And it’s an ideas day. Sometimes ideas days are just ideas and this can be problematic because I know that they are going to go nowhere fast. This is because there are too many of them. The parallel lines do not intersect in infinity. We just don’t get to that point in the tracks far enough.

One of today’s many ideas. I am Little Nomad and I am on plywood time. I have taken two chance comments by Colleen, the creativity workshop organizer, and made them my own Little Nomad brings to mind the image of me with my stuff, backpack and computer included, and Plywood time, the time-related shift in perception that’s related to living in Alaska.

Both are part and parcel of an inside joke that I’m attempting to turn into an outside joke – and attempting to run with it. I’ve been taking photos of me, Little Nomad, in various places, yesterday, in Lowes with Colleen. I got one of me standing on a plywood cart. It is of course called Little Nomad on Plywood Time. This got me to thinking that Little Nomad could meet up with the Bacon family, and specifically with Interloper. He’s been travelling from one frying pan to the other. He generally lives in Spatula City and spends a great deal of time in nearby frying pan alley.

Little Plywood is an up and coming cartoon character, always on the fringes – a good friend with Drywall who likes hovering in corners.

Little Plywood is an extrovert and has two differing personalities.

And on and on it goes, in my head, all day, and all night. This is why I cannot sleep. I crave illusive sleep. I fear that going without it is going to lead to dementia. A very scary thought because I value being grounded. Although I create characters and these characters come to life, I am well aware that I am doing this. To be unaware that I’m doing this scares me. Yep, gotta get off the sleep deprivation program.

I am so very glad to be having an ideas day during the course of a clinic. It is now Saturday evening – I showed everyone the drawings that accompanied the above write-up. I am including them in this dispatch in order to give all you readers a context for what I have written.

Arrogant me, thinking that I have many dispatch readers. Now I know that this is not so, but I very much enjoy thinking that I do, and that all are enjoying the sporadic but further adventures of the Bacon Family.

Very important – the premise behind this clinic is that we are encouraging everyone to create, not to imitate. Whoa, I like this idea. Susan Harris suggested it and I came up with words for it. So far, I think that others are doing the same. Providing triggers, giving others permission to act upon their own triggers, what more than this can we do?

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