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April 17, 2017: Start as you Wish to Continue

The above was a line of Karol’s – we were talking about dealing with difficult individuals. I asked her how she and Sally went about dealing with the innumerable horse people on a daily basis, and she said the above.

In part, the title of this dispatch means to set boundaries in terms of how much you give to others. Otherwise, those who are damaged goods might just suck one dry. It also means not to give so much that you become depleted. And it also means to begin your intent with this intent. If, say, you feel this great sense of altruism in wanting to give someone a hand, this can be a warning sigh. I like that, a warning sigh.

Today, speaking of intent, I did agility, outside, with Gabby, in the outdoor arena. She and I are now both leading the resistance, going where no halflinger and Alaskan have ever gone before. I had a wonderful time and I think that she did, too. I spent considerable time setting the course up, just using stuff from inside the arena. The best obstacle of all was a very ripped up door mat and two reflectors. I took her though this and over a few other obstacles that challenged her. I think she appreciated the variety. And her confidence improved as in subsequent go-arounds, I rewarded her with apple pieces from my treat container.

I suppose some might wonder why I am doing this here when I could be doing this at home. Well, Karol has been helping me get through stuck points – stuck points that I could not seem to deal with on my own. Under her guidance I have been working on thinking about my own body awareness.

Just had the idea that I might have agility students work on their own posture by walking around with cones on their heads. Just an idea.

Gabby most definitely missed her friend Emma who was back in the barn. She stood at the fence when I took her off-lead, then began racing around the arena at top speed, bucking and kicking. And yes, she did do some of the obstacles, running at me the way Tyra sometimes does.

All that we did, we did in the spirit of fun – I was not worried about getting it right. And I am intending, when I get home, to emulate my own behavior.

As I am writing this, I am falling into a dream state. I am thinking that this might be the night in which I finally sleep soundly here. I just keep waking up and later feeling very, very tired. A part of the problem is that I do not like sleeping alone.

Had eggplant parmesan for dinner and blueberry pie and ice cream for desert. The meals here have been incredible. Yes, it’s more like I’m on vacation than doing an internship. Internship, it sounds so much more important.

Gotta get some zzzs. Tomorrow is a full lesson day. I hope I get to do obstacle work outside, on Gabby, maybe recreating today’s agility course.

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