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March 30, 2016: A Bicycle Named Wanda

A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle. A Fish named Wanda. Dan said to me yesterday, in an email message, that his daughter Kensy said I should find a distraction, meaning a place to ride a horse, or something.

I wrote back that this is currently an impossibility. I did go for a walk yesterday. It is just really difficult, getting and keeping my spirits up. Uncle Bob now gets his jabs in when he can, which is when Eleanor is not around. I can’t mention this to her because right now, she has enough to deal with. She remains my mother’s health care advocate, and this is full time job. She has taken a leave from her regular teaching job which is in a poor school district, and apparently, no fun at all.

In general, my life and what I do is far removed from Eleanor’s life, so I have ceased to explain to her the particulars. I don’t talk about the Feldenkrais work, nor do I go into much detail about the internal martial arts training. The one saving grace right now is that El and I are working well together. There have been no arguments or disagreements about anything. And this is the way it should be.

This morning, on the brightest of spring days – El noticed that a bicycle was parked across the street, next to the sidewalk. Upon closer inspection, I noticed that in the basket was a sheet of notebook paper upon which someone had scrawled the word free. Someone had also put a helmet, and a night light in the basket. And a very loud bell was attached to the handlebars. I took it for a short spin, up the street. The tire air was low, the chain needed oil, and the gears were sticky. I took care of all these things and was then good to go.

So I now have transportation. Give me free time and a riding I will go. I’ll leave Wanda here and when I come and visit, I’ll have wheels. This way, I can go grocery shopping or to local bookstores. I found one bookstore on Foster Avenue (an area soon to be gentrified) and there I purchased a hardback copy of Uncle Tom’s Cabin by Harriet Beecher Stowe. I had never before read this book. Glad I waited – I got a great deal out of it.

El says that I can keep Wanda in her garage. She has a Raleigh Supercourse, so Wanda will be in good company.

This is cheering. Such an insignificant thing, and yet such a significant thing. Mother is also doing better, is now eating semi-solid foods – is alert, bright eyed, and chipper. El too is a bit more upbeat. And even Uncle Bob is in good spirits. No snide remarks yet today. I am braced for the next crisis – this is just the way it is. At least Wanda will assist me in taking my mind off my troubles.

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