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March 3, 2016: Being a Student, again

. . . And so here I am, a student again. Some would say that I’m one of those life-long learners. Others would say that I’m obsessive/compulsive. Right now, I think I’m nuts. The first time around, being a student was permissible. Even when I was working on my PhD, it was permissible. I was then in my early 40s. Lots of people at that age are working on advanced degrees. But few continue after to pursue another degree or continue to take classes.

I myself have opted to trod yet another career path. I’m now teaching, but in a differing capacity, this time as a riding rather than as a writing instructor. I took Anatomy and Physiology I last

semester because I wanted to know about muscles, bones, and joints. I am taking Anatomy and Physiology II this semester because I wanted to know about the respiratory system. Additionally A&P I and II are prerequisites for kinesiology and other body-awareness type classes. As for yet another degree – as of tonight this is up in the air.

I was a student back in the days of covered wagons. I’d forgotten what it was like or I else I would not be doing what I’m doing – studying my ass off and stressing myself out. Doesn’t help that the course I’m taking is the toughest one that Mat Su College offers. Studying my ass off and stressing myself out – this is what I did the first time around. There was then, as there is now, a high degree of uncertainty – you (and this refers to all who have ever so much as taken a single college course or will take a single college course) want to shine, but are not sure if the sun will appear from behind the clouds.

Back then, I was a full time student, and as such this was my job. I had few if any distractions. I’m now a part-time student taking one course and there are innumerable distractions. There is also the matter of classroom dynamics. Back then, I hung out with my own kind – 20 year old laid back hippies. Now these very same individuals are collecting retirement and pension funds, and playing with their grandkids. I never worked in one place long enough to pay in to this. I also never had kids, so no grandkids.

I’m acutely aware of the fact that I’m the oldest person in my class and some of the youngers (in being younger) see me as an oddity, a freak of nature. This is because they think that no one my age should be taking a class. In their minds I have one foot in the grave and the other one will soon follow suit.

I have something in common with these students and this is that I’m as grade obsessed as they are. In their case this is with good reason. In my case, it is what it is. I keep telling myself that in order to fulfill the prerequisite condition is to get a C in this class. But then there is a part of me that sees a C as being a failing grade. I don’t never have, never want to look stupid in eyes of my teachers and peers

Right now, I wish that I wasn’t a student. What was I thinking, taking A & P II? We’re now nearing the half way point. I see a lab practical and a test on next Wednesday and Thursday. Then it will be spring break. This is the most common commonality that students and I share -- spring break is something we all forward to.

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