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February 26, 2016: The Anatomy and Physiology Strip stream

A slipstream is a path of rapidly moving air – the analogy here is of being on the fast track. Anatomy and Physiology II – I am off to the side of the slip stream, watching others move along at a good clip. Me, my feet feel as though they are in a mud bog.

I recently determined that in order to do well in this class that I’d need to spend between 5-8 hours a day studying. At best, I study 2-3 hours a day. And because I don’t spend more time studying, I feel like a slacker. I have a lab practical on Monday, March 7 and a test on Wednesday March 9. I’m going into these tests feeling woefully unprepared. And I know, given the amount of time I have to prepare for these tests, that I will not do well. It’s

an impossibility. There is far too much material for me to ingest.

What most frustrates me is that I have this great desire to know the material. I am right now most interested in the respiratory system. It is less abstract than most – you can feel the lungs working. This is not so of the immune system. No, I might not do well. But I will know more than if I had not opted to take this course.

Today I went to the open lab – the specimens – models, slides, charts, and the like, were out for us to examine. I paired up with a student who was downright rude. I asked her if she wanted to work with me. Moments later, she’d picked up her books and relocated to another table. So I quietly began going over the heart model. Next, my old lab partner showed up – Nedra and I then worked on identifying the parts of the model heart and a sheep heart. (Actually, there were three sheep hearts.) And after that, we pulled forth a fetal pig and located the major arteries and veins. I wasn’t clear, even after where the named veins and arteries actually were, but I reduced my anxiety by reminding myself that my lab book has examples that I might be able to look at beforehand.

Nedra left, and then my new study buddy Kyle walked in the door. Kyle is from the Aleutian Islands – a long ways from home, is attempting to make it as a student. He’s had a rough time of it. A few days ago we decided to start studying together. So far, so good – studying with someone else, and explaining things, slows me down. And in the process I discover what I do and don’t know. Today we went over the model of the heart – the second time was a charm – after looking at it twice I knew where things were.

I’m now really tired – however, I am going to study tonight. I also still need to work on tomorrow’s lesson plan. Yes, I can do both. I am just not going to allow myself to think any differently about this.

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