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February 24, 2016: A (Heartfelt) Conversation with Raudi.

The following conversation took place after today’s ride to the Grizzly Camp turnoff.

A: Was it a good ride today?
R: Yes. I so enjoy getting out.
A So do I. I’m sorry that the footing is getting punchy.
R: Footing? Footing is just fine. The lack of grass has me more concerned.
A: Spring is just around the corner.
R: What corner?
A: The Grizzly Camp corner.
R: Look. Hrimfara is already shedding her coat.
A: That’s the first sign of spring. The second sign is the return of daylight.
R: And then there is snow melt.
A: And then I start making waterways in the pen.

Raudi going over poll

R: Are we going to keep doing agility?
A: Why do you ask?
R: It isn’t as much fun as it used to be.
A: I agree. What’s the problem?
R: I don’t like backing over poles or hula hoops.
A: Why is that?
R: I cannot lift my rear legs.
A: And why can’t you lift them?
R: You tell me.
A: Are you in pain?
R: No.
A: Well then, what’s the problem?
R: If I knew what the problem was, I’d tell you.
A: Well, I’m really sorry that I forced the issue yesterday with the backing.
R: Apology accepted.
A: I sensed that something wasn’t quite right. I saw a look of confusion in your eyes when after a bit, I again asked to you back. I’d never before seen that look. And I promise you, I will never see it again.
R: I’ll be just fine just so long as you don’t ask me to back over that damn hula hoop.
A: If I do, it will be on your terms.
R: Amen sister.
A: Raudi, which do you care more about, me or where your next meal is coming from?
R: It’s a toss-up.
A: I’ve always thought that you could take me or leave me – and it does not matter to you who your owner might be.
R: Why is that?
A: Because you’ve never displayed any affection towards me.
R: Not so! Not so! Those snorts, those times when I’ve come to you of my own volition, those whinnies when you take the other horses out – they all mean something.
A: And what do they mean?
R: They mean that I am acknowledging that you’re my human. You’re actually a very good human or at least better than most. All humans are flawed in one way or another. I have heard many, many stories about what humans have done to horses. Most don’t understand them, though they act like they do. You pretty much understand me.
A: Pretty much?
R: Yes, pretty much.
A: What don’t I understand?
R: Certain things – like horses, like people like to finish their meals in piece. I sometimes settle in for a good chew, and you whisk me off for a ride.
A: I try, dog knows I try to do good by you. Have you noticed how much my riding has improved since last fall?
R: Yep.
A: Unbeknownst to you, I’ve been working at this.
R: Much appreciated.
A: So I take it that we’re the best of friends?
R: Yes
A: Forever friends, right?
R: (Letting out a snort). Yes, forever friends.

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