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February 6, 2016: Build It and They Will Come

Build it and they will come, indeed. I went to internal martial arts class today. It was an extraordinary class – the stretches and the poses were such that after a bit I felt euphoric, which is often the case. Plus, my friend Teresa attended. We’ve decided that we are connected in the way that twins are. Every so often people come into our lives and we think – this is someone who is kindred. I feel this way about Teresa.

After, I came home, and on our road, aptly called Oceanview Drive, met up with Dick and Liska Snyder. The pair own the property adjacent to ours – and they have given us written permission

Checking out the site

to put an arena on land that will partially be on their property.

As busy as I have been, and I have been quite busy, I’ve had time to think about this project and what my future plans are in relation to this project. I am planning on using the arena in working with my own horses, groundwork, mainly taking the form of agility, and some taking the form of TTeam training. Also, some riding although the area is mainly going to be used for the former two activities.

I will also work with others on these things – I am mainly planning on doing one-two day workshops, first writing, then doing body awareness activities, then doing TTeam work, then doing agility, then doing some riding. If two days, the first day might be with my horses, if people have horses, they can on the second day use their own horses. I will by the time the arena is complete have four horses, one three years, one four years, one thirteen years, and one twenty-eight years. Tinni fra Hellistandi, 27, is the older, steady eddy horse. Raudi fra Alaskastadir, 13, is the middle –aged can do it all horse. Hrimmi fra Lough Arrow II, 4, is the new working horse. And Tyra fra Tuskast, age 3, will be the newcomer. A nice mix, for sure.

Because they’re of differing ages, they are also at differing training levels. I will be able to work at my own pace, using my horses say for one day of a two day workshop, and other’s horses during the second day.

I have not at all minded working at the Sindorf Center or Saddle Up arena. Indoor arenas in fact feel like home to me. But I will be able to work at my own pace and give horses and handlers my undivided attention. This is the most important thing of all – I will, here, feel most comfortable putting Centered Riding theory to practice. What has happened in the past few months, in terms of my own self-development as a rider and instructor, has been nothing short of amazing. I have taken Sally Swift’s ideas to heart -- one of the most important being that in order to connect with our horse, either on the ground or in the saddle, that we ourselves must be centered. Being centered physically and mentally, this is what it is all about. The Feldenkrais training and the internal martial arts training have on my part resulted in life affirming changes. And these life affirming changes have begun to have far-reaching consequences. I do not yet know fully what the extent of these changes will be, but I am suspecting that they will make themselves even more apparent in my dojo, or arena workspace.

My plan began feeling real today when I met up with Dick and Liska. But additionally, it felt even more real in taking our good friends and riding buddies, Dan and Kensy Lemay up to the arena site. Right now, the ground is snow covered and full of broken branches, so it’s hard to envision what in four months the site will look like. It will be bordered by ferns, my favorite plant. The trees on the sloped sides will be in bloom. We will work to the sound of birdsong. I am so excited that I can’t stand it.

Icing on the cake – thinking a lot these days about Tyra fra Tuskast, who right now is hanging out with her pasture buddies in Bellingham, WA. Her name means Spark, or Glimmer. Coming here will be a big change for her because she’ll have differing pasture buddies handling her. Also, she will be living in a large paddock, this as opposed to an even larger pasture. I think that after she makes the requisite adjustments that Tyra, like the other three, will enjoy what the other ponies most seem to enjoy, an often adventurous lifestyle. The arena will of course be central to this. Build it and they will come, indeed.

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