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February 4, 2016: Rainbow and Tinni’s Ongoing Conversation

On our morning walk, Pete led Rainbow (our dog) and Tinni (our horse) and I walked Hrimmi (other horse). As we meandered along, I listened in to Rainbow and Tinni’s ongoing conversation.

Tinni: It’s a dog’s life, isn’t it?
Rainbow: Indeed it is.
T: How come it isn’t a horses’ life?
R: Because horses live outside and most dogs live inside.
T: I am curious. What’s it like, living in a house?
R: Warm.
T: And?
R: I sleep on my own couch.
T: And?
R: I am fed twice daily.
T: You make no mention of your people.

Rainbow and Tinni

R: I have no complaints. These days I prefer to spend time alone.
T: Why?
R: With age has come a need for quietude.
T: What do your people think about this?
R: They call me Doggy Hotel.
T: Are your people bothered by your reticence?
R: Naah, the younger dog, she keeps them amused.
T: Yes, and the younger horse, she also keeps them amused.
R: So we no longer have to keep socializing our people.
T: Yes, just as well. It was a never-ending job.
R: Do you feel neglected?
T: Hell no. I have a pen to myself at night, and get two flakes of hay. The shelter is open, so when I’m done I hang with Raudi and Hrimmi, who are on the other side of the gate. We watch for shooting stars.
R: Have you ever seen any?
T: Yes, at times.
R: And the others?
T: Yes. And the first one to see a star gets to make a wish.
R: If you could have just one thing right now, what would it be?
T: I could use a new saddle. Pete’s saddle, which was first Siggi’s saddle and then Signy’s saddle, pinches me in the withers.
R: Ouch.
T: What do you want?
R: I’d like for it to be warm and sunny, all year long.
T: But it’s warm inside, where you live.
R: But I have to poop outside.
T: Why don’t you poop inside, say in a corner?
R: Dogs are supposed to poop outside.
T: People poop inside.
R: Yeah, in the room where they bathe.
T: I heard a neighbor tell Pete that pissing and pooping in a toilet is a waste of perfectly good drinking water.
R: I would not drink it, even clean. Yeech.
T: What’s your favorite food?
R: Salmon.
T: Mine too.
R: How do we make this known to our people?
T: They already know this, but have chosen to ignore it.
R: Sometimes they are very oblivious.
T: Selectively oblivious.
R: You know, we could be doing a lot worse.
T: How so?
R: I could be on a chain and you could be in a small stall – all the time.
T: True, true.
R: Look over there, on your left, a baby moose.
T: Where there’s a baby, there’s mother.
T: Talk about oblivious, the humans don’t even see it.
R: Just as well.
T: Yes, just as well.
R: What are you going to do today?
T: I’m going to hang out. It’s a work day, so the people won’t be riding
R: Me too. I’m just going to hang out.
T: Life around here is pretty good, isn’t it?
R: Yes, it’s pretty good.

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