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January 21, 2016: Clouds on the Horizon

“If there is no trouble on the horizon, some will make it so that clouds appear.”

The above quote is most apt. Tonight I went to an Alpenglow Pony Club scheduling meeting with two things in mind. The first is that I very much wanted to get caught up with what is going on. This is because I am so out of the loop. I am not much of a phone user and seldom text. In fact, I’ve only sent out two texts in the five years I’ve owned a cellphone. I do send out and receive emails; this is a much slower form of communication. So I am not easily accessible. We have a landline phone – if someone needs to get a hold of me they can leave me a message.

Saddle Up Arena

The second is that I wanted to get on the upcoming instructor schedule. I was hoping to be able to get some teaching time in at the Sindorf Center, the local dressage arena.

Shortly after I arrived at the meeting site, I learned that the head pony club person had contacted Centered Riding instructor Susan Harris about coming to Alaska. This, I was told, would be on Memorial Day weekend. I heard this and I about choked on a rice cracker. The problem was that I had planned on attending her update clinic in CA on Memorial Day weekend. Obviously, something was amiss because as amazing as Susan Harris might be, she could not be in two places at once. I came home and looked online – sure enough, Susan was scheduled to teach the CA clinic in April.

I was dismayed – I could not go to CA in April because my anatomy and physiology class ends the first part of May. I went to Europe last semester, and after, catching up on backlogged work was time consuming and stressful.

Are there now dark clouds on the horizon? I am not sure. Tomorrow I will deal with the immediate one and see if indeed Susan Harris is going to be coming here Memorial Day. If she is, I will try to convince the organizers to have the clinic at Saddle Up arena. If they don’t go for this, well I will pull out my umbrella and hope for the best.

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