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January 19, 2016: A Conversation with Rainbow

Alys: Rainbow, how are you?
Rainbow: I’m here.
A: You sure?
R: Yes.
A: Are you aware that you are now an old dog?
R: Yes. I know that I’m an old dog.
A: How do you feel about this?
R: I have accepted my lot in life.
A: Are you enjoying life?
R: Yes. I get fed. I get exercise. I get to sleep in.
A: What do you think about having a younger dog around?
R: I’m okay with Ryder. She’s really mellow, except out on the trail.  She sometimes gets excited and tried to herd me.  It’s hard to get her to calm down.


A: Does Ryder look up to you?
R: No. She considers me to be her friend. We don’t talk much because I don’t have much to say.  She would do well with another, younger canine companion.
A: Is this what you want?
R: Dog no!
A: Do you mind her eyeballing your food?
R: That doesn’t bother me. If it did I’d let her know.
A: How would you let her know?
R: Just lift a lip. That’s all I’d have to do.
A: The tides now seem to be turned. Do you remember when you were and young Bootleg was old?
R: I sure do. That dog was senile.
A: By the time we took you on, yes.
R: She walked into walls.
A: Someday you might do the same.
R: I will never walk into walls.
A: You might, but you might not then know the difference.
R: I repeat, I will never walk into walls.
A: Do you recall being like Ryder and having near inexhaustible energy?
R: Yes. I remember being young and you and Pete taking me to the beach. Went for miles and miles, running, and never grew tired. It felt so good. I could not do that now.
A: So you have lots of good memories.
R: I do, but I don’t live in the past.
A: Well then, where do you live?
R: I live here, in this cabin. I spend most of my time on the living room couch. Both Ryder and Jenna know this is my spot and do not disturb me.
A: What is that you like most about being older?
R: I have more time to think about nothing at all.
A: Isn’t that contradictory?
R: Nope.
A: Anything else to say?
R: Nope.

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