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January 11, 2016: Internal Martial Arts Class: Moving to Make things Whole

The hardest part about today’s class was the prospect of getting up early. I was dreading it. That place between being asleep and being awake – the transition is always difficult, but was even more so considering I went to bed late and got up early. The transition wasn’t as bad as it might have been because I was awake when the alarm went off.

I was the only one in class this morning. It was like I was getting a private lesson. Jay told me that in the winter there are fewer people in the morning classes – I added that this was because it is dark, to which he agreed

We did stretches of various types. I am not yet familiar enough with them to describe them. Both Jay and Jen gave me an assist with my alignment and showed me how to better release tension. It was good to hear affirmed – I can breathe into those places that are tight and this will relax clenched muscles.

We also did a series of standing poses, I think four that were 10 minutes each; this as opposed to the other night when we did one thirty minute standing pose. Jay also said that at some point you come to a point where you are not tense (meaning everything is in balance) and then standing for lengthy periods of time is much easier.

Many thoughts came to mind this a.m. one of which was that I have always equated moving forward mentally with moving forward physically, which is sort of a misnomer. As I am holding still, I am moving forward – in several respects. For instance, I am practicing clear intent. I am also being disciplined. And I am strengthening myself physically. The doors are continuing to swing open, though not in the ways that I expected. What I’m doing is going to make me a better rider in the long run, for sure. It’s just not happening on the horse.

Proof is in the pudding. (What a ridiculously odd phrase). I got home and Pete and I went riding. It was a very short outing – we went up Jim’s Road, down Jim’s Trail, and then did the Lower Loop Trail. Raudi was feeling energized. She initially started moving out before I’d gathered up the reins. This was after getting her treat. I ponied Tinni – not a problem. She wanted to go, but nevertheless she held herself together. I attribute this to the fact that my hips were more open than previously, and I am now more supple than before. Time wise, I’m doing okay with fitting martial arts into my now very busy schedule. Would have liked to have gone for a longer rider, but a short ride is better than no ride at all.

Ahh, and after the ride, -- anatomy and physiology II. I guess yet another way in which I am moving forward. It’s good for me to continue my studies though I am glad that there will be an end to this. But moving forward – somehow what I learn will be applicable to teaching riding. That at least is the main goal.

We didn’t have a lab – won’t have one next week because it’s a holiday. But lecture class – the teacher went over the syllabus then did a lecture on the blood. It wasn’t difficult. It’s sort of like easing oneself into the cold water.

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