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January 1, 2016: Ringing in the New Year

I got really bored yesterday, writing up the year’s recap. Was then, as I am now, far more interested in writing about the year ahead. I have the sense that it is going to be a great year. It started out today, on a very positive note. I went for a run with Hrimmi, did some agility, and then went for a trail ride with Vicki and Pete. There were too many snowmobiles on the trail, but at least they stopped and waited for us to pass. The horses didn’t mind. In a few days they’ll return to work.

The upcoming year – many exciting things planned. First of all, I am going to continue doing the agility. The January course is a killer – but, one day at a time, one obstacle at a time, at least for right now.

I am most likely going to take Anatomy and Physiology II. I am still up in the air about this – it’s a lot of work. But I need the prerequisite in order to take classes in exercise physiology at UAA.

I’m also going to continue with the Feldenkrais work. And I’m going to be taking body movement classes in town – this way, working towards becoming a Centered Riding Level II instructor.

In the latter part of May, I’ll be going to CA and doing a centered riding update clinic. Before or after, I’ll head to the east coast, see old friends, and take care of family business. I will be spreading my father and brother’s ashes when I’m in NH. This won’t be as difficult as parting out his rare book collection. I am slowly coming around to accepting the fact that I am really going to have to do this. Deep down, I’d harbored the hope that I’d have enough money to buy his wife Carol out. It is now not looking that way.

I’ll meet up with Pete at the end of this trip and we’ll then bring Tyra fra Tuskast home. Hopefully we’ll be coming back with another horse and hauling someone else’s trailer. She is now officially ours – paid for with my Permanent Fund check.

In early July, Karen Irland, a Level IV Centered Riding instructor will come up here from WA and do a three day clinic. I already have the attendees lined up. She’ll stay at my friend Ruth’s place. Pete and I are going to ride – one of us may ride Hrimmi. This will be her debut.

In late July, I might ride the open category of the Knik River Ramble, the local competitive trail ride. Pete’s the ride manager. If he needs an assist, then I will do this rather than ride. I am sorely tempted to ride because Raudi is now doing so well.

Big plans – very excited about it all. Going to keep giving lessons at the Saddle Up arena – my goodness, I forgot to mention – I’m getting an arena. And we are going to use the pasture down the road – paradise paddocking it’s called – a form of strip grazing.

So much right now to think about. Can hardly wait to take action.

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