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April 15, 2015: And Yet another Conversation with Raudi

Alys: Raudi, can you hear me?
Raudi: Yes I can. Where are you?
A: I’m in the Lower 48.
R: Huh?
A: Remember when we took our trips? Both times we went a long ways before starting out.
R: I remember this. Are you camping in a fairground?
A: No, I’m staying in a house and sleeping in a bed.
R: Are you sleeping on sawdust shavings?
A: No. I find them to be rather itchy.
R: I would like some sawdust shavings. My hocks are getting scabby from getting up off the rubber mats.
A: You have a sand pile.
R: Sand pile sham pile. I want sawdust shavings and I want them now.
A: You’re shit out of luck dear.
R: Could you bring some home with you?
A: Nope. I can only bring my two pieces of luggage home with me on the airplane.

R: You’re going on an airplane? How come you didn’t go by truck?
A: The airplane is faster.
R: I see. When will you be home?
A: In a week.
R: I see.
A: So how is everyone doing?
R: Quite well. Today Pete rode me and ponied Hrimmi. We went around the loop. We would have gone on the trails but Pete says that they’re still too squishy to ride on.
A: And what about Tinni?
R: He stayed put. Pete’s going to take him out tomorrow.
A: Promises, promises.
R: Now you’re sounding like me.
A: Do you miss me?
R: No, not really. I needed a break from all the riding we’ve been doing.
A: Aww, poor baby.
R: Poor baby is right. You need to lose some weight.
A: And you need to lose some weight, missy.
R: My name is not Missy. It’s Raudhetta fra Alaskastadir.
A: Missy is just a figure of speech.
R: If you aren’t bringing me back sawdust, what are you bringing me back?
A: If I told you, it would not be a surprise.
R: I hate surprises.
A: I know, you’re attentive but not reactive.
R: You been riding other horses?
A: Yes. Yesterday I rode an Icelandic gelding. Blessi is a distant relative of yours. You both have Hrafn fra Holtsma in your pedigrees.
R: Oh yeah, that honor stallion. It’s no big deal. He really got around.
A: I saw this as a point of connection.
R: You don’t need to connect anything. You come home and ride me.
A: I thought you said you needed a break.
R: I’ve just had a break. I’m getting restless.
A: You sure? Pete says the trails are muddy and it’s snowing at our place. It’s sunny and warm here in Washington state.
R: So you really have no need for sawdust shavings in your bed.
A: That’s right.
R: Maybe I should come down where you are.
A: What do you think about moving down here?
R: I’d have to weigh the plusses and the minuses. We can figure out what they are when you get back here.
A: I gotta go and eat my dinner.
R: Forget about the sawdust. Bring back a bale of out-of-state hay.
A: I’ll see what I can do.
R: Good, good enough for right now.

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