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April 13, 2015: Travel Day

Travel days are pretty amazing – you wake up in one place and go to sleep in another. In between, many things happen. Sometimes, one’s world view is even changed. Nothing this extreme happened this time around, though I once again felt wondrous about being in one place early on, and in another later on. My day began in Galt, CA and ended in Bremerton, WA.

The day (again) began with my assisting Anita in feeding the horses. We then both had a private lesson with Susan Harris. I again rode Peter Parker, who did even better today than yesterday. We worked on slowing down and speeding up at the trot, and then towards the end of the lesson, did some cantering.

I was supposed to do the latter after weaving through four cones. The first few times he continued to trot when after I gave him the canter cue. His response was due to my ineptitude – I just was not feeling confident about asking him to canter – his bolt on the first day was still fresh in my mind. Most likely this lack of confidence had caused me to hold tension in hitherto unknown parts of my body. We finally got it, and then called it good. The question that now remains in my mind is, will I again ride him when I return for Part II of the instructor’s clinic? Hard to say. This clinic is still over a month away.

I next headed for the Sacramento airport with Anita and Susan – I had a 1 p.m. flight and Susan had a 5 p.m. flight, so she had a four hour wait ahead of her.

I arrived early for my flight – this was yet another instance of hurry up and wait. I read for a while and then and the listened in as a boarding clerk told us passengers that we’d be entering the plane to Seattle via the front rather than the rear door because seat #21 was being cleaned up. I later figured out what was up – it was a bumpy flight leaving Seattle and someone had thrown up. Once seated, I could tell that the pilot and flight attendants were concerned about landing in Seattle – as we began our descent the pilot told the minions to take their seat in what sounded like a stressed tone of voice. The landing was a bit bumpy, but not to the degree that people were chucking it up.

Once in Seattle, I took the metro – a train, to the drop off point nearest the ferry terminal. I guessed right at to the drop off area – Westlake Station. It was a long walk to the ferry terminal, and it was raining. This was the most unpleasant part of my trip thus far. I also had to walk through a construction area – the sound of the jackhammers was earsplitting. No one was happier than I was once I got on the ferry.

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