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April 12, 2015: Clinic Day #3: A Matter of Routine

It usually works this way – by the third day of a clinic, most things seem to be routine. This was a truism in this particular instance. I arose early, assisted in feeding the innumerable horses, attended the midmorning lecture, and rode in the afternoon.

As there always are at such events, there were variations upon a theme. I am now familiar with the layout of Anita’s place, and so I now know where to go when I assist in doling out the morning hay. I have discovered that differing horses are placed in differing areas on given days. For example, today, two mares were taken out of their paddocks and placed in the arena adjacent to the large arena. Yesterday it was two geldings.

Today’s morning centered riding lecture dealt with more particulars about teaching and learning centered riding. For instance, we did trampoline work. The purpose was twofold. First of all, this makes one aware of tight joints, which then enables one to loosen them. And secondly, it enables the rider to get a feel for what it’s supposed to be like, being on the horses’ back. You do this by bringing certain images to mind and moving in certain ways when bouncing up and down.

I had a tough time with trampoline work because (as I could tell from the offset) I’m not very flexible. I also have been trying too hard to do things right, which is a common habit of mine. I just could not “let go.” The three instructors and all the other students were extremely helpful. Then, at the right moment in time, that is when I was beginning to feel like I’d had enough, Susan said “I think she’s had enough.” I must say, in this and other instances, Susan again showed that one of her main attributes is that she’s so perceptive.

As was now routine, I again rode Peter Parker. This was our best go-around yet. He walked and trotted with far less hesitation than previously. He still lowered his head and pulled at on the bit when asked to stand still. And he was at times reluctant to move forward when asked. However, he seemed to be a little more lively mentally, and had a bit more enthusiasm for the tasks at hand than he’d had the previous three days.

So, all n’ all, it was a good clinic day. Most of the others have now left. Tomorrow, after a private less, I’ll be heading in the direction of Washington State. Anita is going to give Susan and me a ride to the Sacramento airport. I’m not allowing myself to feel sad about this. I’ll be back here May 20, and then take on a routine that will be same, and yet different than before.

I also found myself coveting my neighbor’s trampoline. There it sits – the owner of the place and the trampoline is now in jail. What a waste – I could so easily put it to use here.

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