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March 22, 2015: When Pete’s Away

I considered, in Pete’s absence (he’s in Juneau, attending a weekend union meeting), going to town and hanging out at Klondike Mike’s, a local drinking establishment. Right now, it’s a smoke-free bar. Problem is, I’d have to drive home. So I instead spent the morning working on my Material Matters proposal, and the afternoon exercising horses. (I know, I lead a rough life.)

I got the proposal far enough along for Pete to take a look at it. I’m hoping that he’ll help me with the marketing section when he gets home. I suspect that I’ll have to get in line. As it is, he’s reading student papers while in Juneau.

The fun really began after I finished working inside. I went outside and took Hrimmi for a trail walk. She didn’t hesitate to go with me – like Raudi and Tinni, she willingly goes solo. She was using the lead line as a pacifier so after I worked with her for a bit on the trail, I unclipped the snap and let her run loose. She had a wonderful time – she raced around jumped over some downed trees and berms and bucked and snorted. And after each bout, she came back to me. Her returning to me when called made me realize that she really has bonded with us in a big way. As Pete said tonight when I told him about this in a phone conversation “she’s our fourth dog.” I feel this more aptly describes her personality than it does Tinni or Raudi’s personalities. They are more horse-like and she is more dog-like.

I next took Tinni and Jenna for a walk around the loop. Tinni and I made a detour onto Pat and Ray’s trail and Jenna then went home. The trail snowpack is minimal because we didn’t get much snow this winter. I could have ridden T. I am refraining from doing this until Monday, when we break out the fit kit. I am thinking that Tinni’s saddle is bridging – this is why he’s being so high headed and excitable when I ride him. For safety’s sake, it’s best to walk him until Pete gets home.

Lastly, I took Raudi for a trail ride and had Ryder and Rainbow accompany me. Raudi was energetic on our walk to the trailhead. I thought, oh oh she’s going to be a handful today. However, she held rock still when I went to mount her, which indicated to me that all was going to be just fine. And everything was fine. She was both relaxed and laid back the entire ride. I allowed her to trot on what I thought were the safer sections, and she moved out nicely.

So it appears that all ‘n all that we are going into spring in fine form. As I said previously, winter riding/training has been good because this has given us a basis for comparison. Of course, warmer spring weather is preferable to colder winter weather. Temperatures continue to be in the 40s in the mid part of the day. The pen now has a lake at its base and the pen snow is slushy in places. I suppose it was better to celebrate the onset of spring by walking and trail riding than it was by hanging out at a downtown pub.

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