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March 6, 2015: A Conversation with Jokla

Alys: How are Jokla, how are you today?
Jokla: I’m fine, how are you?
A: I’m fine too.
J: What are we doing here?
A: This is the Saddle Up arena. Dick’s going to ride you and Karmen today.
J: Karmen is my mother. We’ve been together since the day I was born.
A: I know. I was there.
J: That’s right – you named me.
A: Do you like your name?
J: Jokla means she who walks on glaciers fearlessly. What’s a glacier?
A: A glacier is a frozen mound of ice. It’s like a lava field, only colder.
J: Goodness. Well, if I ever get to walk on one, I’ll do it fearlessly. I ain’t afraid of nuthin.

A: You get your fearlessness from your mother.
Karmen: That’ right – she gets it from me. But she’s not near as fast as I am.
J: Karmen, you don’t know that.
K: Yes I do. Dick said I have a V-8 engine and you have a V-6 engine. It’s VAAROOM VAAROOM vs. vaaroom varoom.
J: Yes, I know – you’re a volkswagon and I’m a push scooter.
K: That’s right little grasshopper.
J: (Changing the subject) so what’s the plan for today?
A: Dick is first going to ride Karmen. Then he’s going to pony you, first with a saddle and then with a saddle and bridle.
J: Why?
K: How come you always ask so many questions?
J: That was one question.
K: You are always asking questions. You just need to let things happen.
J: Nope. I need to know what’s going to happen before it happens. Humans aren’t all that dependable.
A: Jokla, we have put a plan in place because we’re attempting to figure out if something is wrong with you.
J: Wrong with me?
A: Yes. When Dick get on you, you kick your belly and shake your head.
J: You know, I can save you a whole lot of trouble.
A: How’s that?
J: I’ll tell you what’s wrong. My neck hurts when Dick goes to ride me.
A: How long’s it been hurting?
J: A few weeks.
A: And how did you hurt your neck?
J: Reaching over my manger for hay.
A: Okay. Here’s the deal. Dick is not one to believe that horses and humans have conversations. It’s that humans have dominion over the earth thing. So we are going to have to go along with the plan. I’ll alert him to the fact that you have a sore neck by running my hand up your neck. When you shake your head, I’ll tell him that this is where the problem is. Dick will be receptive but at the same time dubious. Just do what you do when he gets on you, that is shake your head and kick your belly.
J: Are you sure this is going to work? I mean, if he listens to you, we can all go home sooner. I’m getting hungry.
K: You’re always hungry.
J: Look who’s talking.
A: You two – quit your quibbling.
J: Are you sure this is going to work?
A: Yep.
J: What is going to happen after Dick realizes that my neck is sore?
A: We’ll have the chiropractor take a look at you. You probably need an adjustment.
J: What’s a chiropractor?
K: My dear child, a chiropractor is a human who racks and cracks horse backs.
J: Uhh, maybe I don’t have a problem at all.
A: Sorry, you let the cat out of the bag. I know it and you know it. And we need to get it fixed, pronto.
K: The sooner the better.
J: I suppose, the sooner the better.
A: Yes, the sooner the better.

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