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February 27, 2015: The Writing Life: Only Connect

I believe that if one puts their mind to it that they can do just about anything. The question is what does put their mind to it mean? I’m trying to make the connection between my writing, teaching, and horse-related endeavors. Most of the time, they seem maddeningly tangential. But today, they seem a bit less so.

I spent the morning working on a query letter for a literary agency, and briefly saw the connection. The query letter is going to Wales Literary Agency, and my hope is that they’ll represent If Wishes were Horses. Elizabeth Wales asked to see two sample chapters and my

proposal two year ago. This was right after University of Alaska Press Acquisitions Editor James Englehardt expressed an interest in working with me on the publication of this book. So I did not respond to Elizabeth’s favorable reply. Stupid, stupid, stupid me, kick, kick, kick.

So here I go again. In revising the proposal I saw what might come to be. The answer was actually as obvious as the nose on my face, in fact so much so that this now scarcely bears mentioning. I realized that I should write about returning riders. I am thinking now about three possible and interrelated projects. The first is If Wishes were Horses. And the second is Lessons Twice Learned. And the third might be a book about older women athletes. This might include those who have resumed taking up their given sport after a brief hiatus. Then again, it might not.

What keeps coming to mind is Diana Nyad, the 65-year old woman who after several failed attempts, swam from Cuba to Florida. Another is Dee Dee Jonrow, who has completed the Iditarod several times. It seems to me that while such woman lack what they formerly had – considerable physical strength, that they now have something else. And I would like for them to say what this something else is.

There is also the writing sustainably blog project. This would be easy. The question is how does this fit in with everything else?

The problem with writing is that it takes considerable time – so I can’t take on as many projects as I’d like. And as I’m coming to realize, I must also spend more time marketing my work.

I also am at loose ends right now when it comes to what direction I ought to go in in relation to teaching. I am interested in working with older returning riders. But I’m not sure that I want to go in this direction. I am more interested in teaching courses in creative nonfiction writing. Yes, this is what I most want to do.

So, I am feeling a bit stymied right now. This is not necessarily such a bad thing; rather, it’s a good thing. What it means is that there is going to be a breakthrough fairly soon. I just have to keep plugging along, and make sure that I keep writing.

All is easier said than done.

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