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February 16, 2015: Days are Full

I’m a firm believer in cramming as much into one day as one possibly can. Life is far too short to do otherwise. Sometimes when Pete and I watch old movies (and we do watch a lot of old movies), I think that those we are watching --- the actors and actresses – are now long dead. These were people who continue to bring great joy to others long after they died. And it wasn’t that long ago that they were making these movie. 1940. Huh. That was whoa – seventy years ago. That’s the blink of an eye.

As we age, we become more age cognizant. This is because we start to see that we have just a finite number of years left. This is not so of the youngers, who think that they have an infinite number of years left.

Young kids learn about death, but aren’t fazed by it. This is because on some level it seems inconceivable

to them. A good thing, otherwise there would be mass panic going on in kindergartens.

This isn’t fair, but it’s what we have to deal with. The reality also makes our remaining days as earthlings seem all that more precious. It’s sort of like having one hair tie on hand rather than six. We take better care and are more watchful of that last hair tie.

Anyhow, today Pete and I visited our friends the Carney’s – it was Finona Carney’s fifteenth birthday. Fiona is very steady on her feet kinda gal, does not, as does her sister Millie, wear her heart on her sleeve.

It was a very subdued gathering, meaning not many people were present. The Carneys were there, as was Sam. Millie introduced him as “Fiona’s boyfriend,” but then Fiona said “no, he’s not my boyfriend. He’s my best friend.” This wonderfully rephrased statement is indicative of Fiona’s character.

I spent a lot of time with Millie, who like me is horse obsessed. I was pleased to see that J, Mark’s new wife, was watching out for Millie and Fiona. There is now a lot more love in the Carney household and this is why I enjoy hanging out there. It’s good for my soul to gravitate to places where there is a lot of positive energy.

Later, we all went for a walk, which is with the exception of Mark who needed to rest up for work. (He is a stocker at a local supermarket.) We took Yelma, Millie’s horse, and Sony, Fiona’s horse, along with. We tromped around in the woods, and we walked up and down Carney Road. We all had a wonderful time, talking, walking, joking, and enjoying one another’s company.

Millie is now applying for admittance to the USIHC Summer Youth Camp in Kentucky. She’s very excited about this. I hope she gets in. This morning I sent one of the organizers an informal letter of recommendation – this should help. How could it not? This would be very good for Millie

Ahh haa, another important realization – it’s as important to push doors open for others as it is to push them open for ourselves. This is because some doors are extremely heavy, and can’t be pushed open without an assist. We must continue to push on our own doors, but at the same time, need to help others. This is a revelation that I need to give more thought to.

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