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February 7, 2015: Son of Blowsi

Blowsi, this would a great name for an Icelandic horse. I’d like to get this one, and then another one. I’d name this subsequent addition (which would be from Ireland) Emmett. The problem with naming things is that quite often, ownership is involved. This is because people like to name their own things. Otherwise, I would have a job as a namer. Imagine it, getting a degree in naming things. This would have to be liberal arts degree --- one in which the major would dictate that you take a very wide range of courses. Even math, for it has its own language. For instance, someone might name a very rare centipede Integer. Basic reality: naming

anything, inert or non-inert, organic or non-organic, requires a considerable outlay of time and money. I have neither.

Blowsi, back to Blowsi. It’s still Blowsi around here. Yesterday I decided (on a whim) after getting my morning writing done, that Pete and I make a trip to Anchorage. We were planning on doing this on Monday but I figured that then the wind might have abated, in which case I’d stay home and exercise the horses and dogs.

We who exercise frugality on days in which we can’t exercise horses, got in the truck, took off, and made a list of places we needed to go, and as well, what we needed to get there. This method works pretty well for us. Our first stop (which was at a Palmer Thrift Store) netted what I called the find of the day – a package of 100 3 x 5 notecards – a good deal, only cost .30 cents.

We next went to Costco and purchased food and a small Lumix point and shoot. (It was on the list). We next went to Value Village Thrift Store and purchased books. (They were on sale, 4 for $1.00 and a third one thrown in. Also, Pete purchased a pie plate.) We next went to REI and checked out sleeping bags. (They were far too expensive. Instead I purchased a pair of wool tights. If I lose 10 pounds they’ll fit nicely). We next went to Title Wave and purchased more books. (Had to have them.) We next went to the Salvation Army Thrift Store and purchased Ryder a mechanical stuffy toy. (This was really the most frivolous and stupid purchase of all. She laid down and watched this green lizard thing flop around and make strange sounds.)

The notecards – funny how office supplies can give one incentive to work. I’m going to resume looking for publishers/agents, and send them the proposal. I’m planning on spending an hour a day on this incredibly laborious task. Ye, now that I’m thinking of it, spending one hour a day doing writing marketing is a very wise idea. I’ve gotten out of the habit of sending stuff out.

No riding today – it is just too windy. The horses are fine, they have no problem with the adverse conditions. Plus, their area is downhill, so the wind speeds are not as high as they are up here. They also have shelters and wind blocks, as do the chickens and dogs. This morning I put the living room dog bed next to the woodstove – Ryder curled up on it.

Our primary dwelling, a simple two floor cabin, is on a hill. And it is drafty. Pete’s done a really good job of insulating it, but there is only so much a person can do when they’re dealing with matchbox-type construction. Fortunately, our wood stove generates the exact right amount of heat for the space we have on hand. And we heat water on the top of it, which both provides us with warm water for the horses and acts as a humidifier.

I’m now between projects – this is how I feel when I’m having to market my work. I’m waiting for Nancy W.D. to get back to me with her Illustrator bio and a cover for the proposal. I do need to get going on the Twice Lessons Learned book.

I also need to finish reading Don’t Shoot the Dog, go back through it, and commit key terms and their meanings to memory. I purchased a book entitled 101 Pet Tricks at the thrift store – I want to then apply the key tenets of what Pryor calls positive reinforcement to trick training, using specific examples from this book. A good and admirable project, I think.

What (right now) I’d most like to do is flake out on the bed and read. But no, this afternoon I am going to get outside and take the dogs for a walk. I’m also going to clean up the goat pen and the chicken roost.

And I’m thinking about grabbing the turkey that someone left in the road and cook it up for the dogs. A shame, to let Junior go to waist, no pun intended.

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