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December 25, 2015: Tacking Up/Dressing up Hosses

In my mind, both terms are synonymous in that horses, in both instances, are wearing something. And they learn that when they’re wearing something, that they are going to work. It’s sort of like putting on the uniform – time to earn the paycheck. (I wish—we could use another wage earner around here).

We finally got the December agility video done – it turned out to be way harder than we thought it would be. It’s been cold. Dressing up Raudi and decorating The Grotto – the shelter area took us a long time, each time. Raudi handled it well, that is having bells put on her halter and all kinds of

holiday crap hung all over her. I even put green and red leg wraps on her legs. This, coincidently, was what I had lying around.

Made a trip to the thrift store in advance of doing the decorating. Spent $14.00 on holiday odds and ends. Usually don’t do this. We do agility on the cheap. But, the holidays are special.

Pete decorated the holiday grotto and hung the tinsel on the curtain. And I put the plastic bottles inside the wood frame. I put ribbon in the bicycle wheel, and we both set out buckets for the star pattern.

We thought that it would be easy, this time around, to make the video. There wasn’t anything that in past gave Raudi trouble. It turned out to be more difficult than I thought it would be – Raudi moved a tad bit too slowly through the star pattern and showed too much interest in what I was eating. She did better in both respects last year. But this year I did keep the line loose – and she trotted nicely through the bottles.

We had a hard time with the ground being even – there are snow bumps (still) in several places.

I have to add, Raudi is one of the most obliging and cooperative horses I have ever met. In three days we did over 30 takes. That was far more than I thought we’d have to do. Looking forward to doing this in warmer weather. Also looking forward to doing this in my new arena.

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