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December 23, 2015: A Conversation with Hrimfara fra Lough Arrow II

Alys: Hrimmi, would you like to go for a walk?
Hrimmi: Don’t think so. Here I have hay. There is isn’t any out there.
A: Nope, just patches of dried grass here and there.
H: When will it all turn green again?
A: In late April, early May.
H: Is that a long time away?
A: Sure seems like it to me.
H: How come it’s so dark now?
A: Because it’s winter.
H: Is it this dark everywhere?
A: No. We live in Alaska where we have light/dark extremes.
H: Oh. That explains it.

A: Remember how light it is in the spring and summer?
H: Yes, it’s light all the time then. You ride more in the evenings.
A: That’s right. Now I ride Raudi and Tinni and walk you in the mornings.
H: After we eat.
A: Yes, after we all eat.
H: When are you going to start riding me?
A: Not right away. I’m thinking that I’m next going to train you to pull a cart.
H: Ruth’s horse Curly Sue pulls a cart. And her Shetland pony Diablo helps out. Ruth ties him to the side of the cart.
A: Is this something you’d like to do?
H: Dunno. It might be easier to pull a cart than carry one of you on my back.
A: You know that Pete is looking forward to being your main rider.
H: I like that idea. If Raudi saw that I was being ridden more by you than her, she’d throw a fit. She does not like sharing you with other people.
A: Well it’s not over until the fat pony neighs. You know that we’re getting another horse this spring.
H: We are?
A: Yes. Her name is Tyra. She’s a year younger than you are.
H: What does she look like?
A: She’s chestnut with a blood red mane and tail.
H: Is she friendly?
A: Gosh, yes.
H: Her being here might be a good thing. She can help me keep Raudi in line.
A: You need help with that?
H: Yes. Raudi is a horse to be reckoned with.
A: For sure. But by the time Tyra gets here . . .
H: I’m going to be pulling a cart!
A: Atta girl. You got the idea.
H: I got lots of ideas.
A: I stand corrected. You got lots of ideas.

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