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June 13, 2015: And yet another Conversation with Raudi

Alys: Raudi, a long day on the trail, eh?
Raudi: Yes.
A: You tired?
R: No, I’m hungry.
A: How can you be hungry, you’ve been eating all day long.
R: Have not. I spent most of this day carting your sorry ass all over hell and creation.
A: Not so. We walked to the trailhead. We walked the last part of the Grizzly Camp hill. We walked back from the trailhead.
R: Yes, we did some walking. But I did not eat all day. You don’t allow me to eat when we ride. Kick, smack, kick, smack, what do you think I am, a four

wheel drive vehicle?
A: How do you know what a four wheel drive vehicle is?
R: I have ears, don’t I? Any time one passes on the road, Pete makes note of it.
A: I must say, you are uppity today.
R: Think so?
A: I wouldn’t say it if it weren’t so.
R: I’m annoyed because you won’t let me snack when we’re out on the trail.
A: Right. Otherwise we wouldn’t ever get anyplace.
R: Why do you need me to get you someplace?
A: Because I like to go places.
R: Isn’t that what four wheel drive vehicles are for?
A: It’s what you’re for.
R: Oh, so you think I’m here to take you hither and yon.
A: You’re my best friend and number one riding horse. But yes, you are here to take me hither and yon.
R: Where are hither and yon?
A: I have no idea. But yes, taking me hither and yon is your job.
R: And what’s your job?
A: I don’t have a job.
R: Then why are you always in such a hurry?
A: I’m not in a hurry. But I don’t want to spend my day sitting on your back and having you spend your time eating.
R: I see nothing at all wrong with this.
A: I can tell.
R: So what are you going to do about my lackadaisical behavior?
A: I’m not sure. I’m thinking about getting you a grazing muzzle.
R: Oh no! Not a grazing muzzle!
A: Oh yes! A grazing muzzle!
R: I can’t think of anything more dreadful.
A: I can.
R: What?
A: The fly mask.
R: Oh no, not a fly mask!”
R: But it’s been a fly free spring.
A: True. But they may be on the upswing.
R: Yeah, and I’ll be on the downswing.
A: Think so?
R: Oh whoa is me, my having to wear a @#%^&ng fly mask.
A: I didn’t know that horses could swear.
R: Only the ones that have to wear fly masks.
A: And I might also put a flysheet on you.
R: How come?
A: To keep you cool and the keep the bugs off your hide.
R: With all this gear, no other horse will recognize me.
A: You want to be recognized?
R: Yes. I’m famous you know.
A: You sure are. And it’s gone to your head.
R: Really, all I want to do is eat when we’re out on the trail.
A: I’ll make a deal with you.
R: What’s that?
A: Eat less on the trail and I’ll give you additional hay at night.
R: Plus. . .
A: Plus what
R: More grazing time when we’re on the home front.
A: Deal?
R. Deal.

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