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June 4, 2015: Whistle while you Work – or Else

Everyone has a job description, whether or not they make money at what it is they do is a moot point. Me, I’m Pete’s financial dependent. I am ashamed of this fact, and hope that someday this will change. This is in part because those who like my sister have onerous jobs hate me for it. In the meantime I’m making the best of my situation.

Today was a wonderful day, which is a day that most dream about having. It was not the first nor the last wonderful day, but a wonderful day nevertheless. My work day began with my doing agility with Raudi. I set up a partial course – this included trotting over a

tarp, stopping on a mat, shaking a plastic bag, weaving through cones, lowering the head at a cone, and walking back and forth over poles. Raudi did it all well. I have to be careful and not do too much, otherwise she gets bored.

Next, Pete appeared, and we took Hrimmi and Tinni on an outing around the loop. Pete walked Hrimmi and I rode Tinni bareback. Today was a bit of shakedown cruise for T-man in that we were attempting to ascertain if he was still lame. He stumbled once on the walk, but that was it. He moved so nice – I was by the time we got home cautiously optimistic.

Once back at home I put the treeless saddle on him, leashed up Ryder and Rainbow, and then headed for the trails. I’m happy to say that Tinni did better than just fine. He was upbeat, chipper, and really happy (I thought) to be back on the trails. I got home and called Pete and told him how well Mr. T did – I was that excited. We are both thinking that he will be able to do this year’s CTR in Fairbanks.

I next saddled up Raudi, and took her and the dogs out on the trail. We rode to Grizzly Camp first – up the gently sloping hill to the top, where we had a wonderful view of Cook Inlet. I had a picnic lunch and allowed Raudi to graze there. We all then went back downhill again, Raudi being cautious as we made our way down the semi-slippery ATV trail. She, like Tinni (who I only rode on our trail) did not make a misstep). We concluded our ride with a nice walk back to our place, with a short stop at the roadside dandelion patch.

I later determined that Hrimmi had not gotten enough exercise, and so right before dinner I took her out, first going on Siggi’s trail and then going around the loop. Most of the time I ran and she trotted. How cool is this? I asked myself. I am running with horses. I will someday write an article with this title, it will be about how horses empower women/women empower horses.

The run concluded my wonderful horse day. Days like this don’t pay but they do make the heart sing.

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